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Precancerous Cells ..

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  • Precancerous Cells ..

    Hello everyone, it's been a while since I've been on here! Loving the knew style ..

    Hmm, where to start?

    A few years ago I unfortunately had an abortion, due to being too young, broke and in an unsettled relationship.

    It was a disgusting experience.. I was taking antibiotics for a chest infection and wasn't told they will cut out my contraceptive pill, so being young and dumb I continued a regular sex life and two weeks later when I felt 'funny' found out I was pregnant. An untold amount of hospitals refused to give me an abortion because they didn't have the facilities and I was too 'high risk' because of a heart condition and some problems with my brain and blood. Throughout this time my stomach was hard, I lost alot of weight due to morning sickness (all day sickness), it messed me up a bit mentally as time went by and at 11 weeks and 3 days finally got a call from a hospital saying they'd help me on one condition, that I have it surgically removed whilst I'm put asleep. I had no choice but to agree because I wanted this over, however I'd have liked to take the pill and go home to bleed so that in my mind I knew it was over. This wasn't an option as I was high risk, too far gone and couldn't risk that amount of blood loss. After the procedure I woke up naked in a bed, curtain wide open, with a tube down my throat and taped to my face, I pulled it out and threw up over myself. Crying, cold and in paid I cried for my boyfriend and a nurse told me to calm down...

    I was distraught and wanted to go home to cry.

    A month later I was still in severe pain and didn't feel right. I went to the doctors and they told me the pain is normal. I kept being told the same thing at every appointment but i knew something was wrong. I booked an appointment with a nurse about six months later and she took a look, had a feel, did some tests and said I'd caught an infection most likely from the operation. I took the antibiotics and was on my way ...

    Three years later I was still in pain now and then, still having random bleeding, heavy, light, spotting, pink, red. I was dismissed at the doctors as having an STI, I trusted my partner and knew I hadn't done anything but took the tests anyway. They came back all fine. I then got dismissed as having a bad case of thrush, which I also disagreed with as my sister suffers from this on a regular basis and I knew the signs and symptoms; plus I'd done my own research into all of the possibilities to try and find my own answer.

    Now a few years on I finally saw a doctor who listened, appreciated I knew something was wrong and sent me for a smear test. The first one got sent off but got refused at the lab because of my age, I then had a second one which they accepted. It came back fine!

    The doctor still wasn't happy so sent me for a biopsy as a final resort. Three weeks later it came back showing signs of severe precancerous cells. I was devastated and immediately made a doctors appointment to get some insight...

    To have the cells removed I had to be put to sleep due to collapsing three times while having just the biopsy and twice afterwards.

    I was admitted into hospital, put to sleep and was awake again within the hour. They told me they'll contact me within a week to make sure everything is fine. Its now week two, I'm still in pain and am fearful that I've caught another infection.

    I also don't understand what's supposed to happen next? They just told me no heavy lifting for a few weeks and no sex for a few weeks. I'm still frightened and I don't know how I'm supposed to feel 'down below'. I'm also experiencing a lot of clear fluid every time I laugh, strain, cough or anything else and the doctor said that they'll swab me in a weeks time to check for infection. But I honestly feel like I'm wetting myself and have to make regular trips to the ladies room to clear up.

    Is this normal? Will I have to have another operation?

    I'm scared and feel I'm in the dark about the post operation. It's so hard to get a doctors appointment around here and I have no number to phone for the hospital for someone to talk to and google is filling me with more fear!

    Sorry for such a long thread but it feels good to vent and any replies would be much appreciated.

    Thank you xXx

  • P.s

    Could the pain be a sign of another infection? I just don't know what to expect anymore and the hospital hasn't been in touch.

    Thanks xXx


    • Lana, wish i knew more on this. As usual, i have to be going, but will try to return to ur post. Pain may be, but then again it may just be part of the tension, as pain in childbirth is. The more tense the person, the more intense the contraction and hence pain in surrounding part.s. Anyway, thanks for waiting. There must be others pondering on this.


      • Hello Sam, thank you for a reply .. I look forward to hearing back from you


        • Oh, so much going. I havent read much here yesterday nor today actually. If i could pm u sometime, but guess i have to run again now. Someone's in line.


          • Originally posted by BananaLana View Post
            Hello Sam, thank you for a reply .. I look forward to hearing back from you

            Just asking how u are now, i personally have no progress report.


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