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I am worried, have a breast pain. What should I do?

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  • I am worried, have a breast pain. What should I do?

    Hi, I am 20. I have small breast. My bra size is 28 C. Few weeks ago, I felt a pain in my left breast near the nipple area, I thought it must be due to bad posture and the pain almost gone after 1 week. But now, today, I felt the same pain and at same place. It only pains when I touch it and there is no lump. I am a worried about this. I have never felt this kind of pain. Can somebody tell me, what is it?

  • Is there any redness? Maybe misfitting clothing is my only guess.
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    • I encourage you to see your doctor. It's possible you just strained a muscle or something like that, or it could be something more. At your age, it's unlikely to be anything serious, but it's possible. So don't worry, just schedule an appointment for an evaluation.


      • A 28C bra size is extremely small. How tall are you? Are you extremely thin? This sounds as if you may have some nutrient or metabolic deficiency. Have you been to a doctor? Does the pain come when you are ovulating or about to start your period?
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        • Have you seen your doctor yet, Khushi_k? I hope you're alright now.


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            • Hello,

              Is there any redness in your breast or the size of both breast is same or different ? or any discharge from your nipple. In any case you need to consult with your doctor.

              Watch this video for reference :
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              • By regularly examining own breast, you can notice any changes that occur. The best time for the breast examination is about one week after your period ends when your breasts are not swollen. Here is the complete process
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