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stretch marks

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  • stretch marks

    Hi all. I just want to ask if you know of any good way in getting rid of stretch marks? Few weeks before I give birth, I see that they got really dark. Is cocoa butter really going to help me?

  • Bio oil works faster!!
    WAY faster, and really lightens them.
    The children almost broken by the world become the adults most likely to change it


    • Yep bio oil is the way to go


      • What is This Boi Oil
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        • It's an oil you can rub in. You can buy it pretty much anywhere, CVS, Walgreens, etc.


          • I hope to check this out tomorrow. Thanks, Lana.


            • Well as far as treatment is concerned, both external and internal treatment would be required to get rid of your stretch marks. Add Vitamins A, C and E in your diet. For external use, apply invicible scars topical ointment. It's hypoallergenic, that means, it is safe to use and as far as my experience is concerned, it worked for me and i am sure it will work out for you too. I treated my stretch marks and from invicible scars. I use it as a moisturizer now because it has a silky texture.


              • Yes, Boi Oil is the best. you can try it, as lanabear said you can buy it from anywhere. But please before use this consult with any Doctor.


                • Hypoallergenic scar therapy is the best treatment for scars and stretch marks so far.


                  • I would recommend bio oil! its really good for making scars lighter and more faint. It doesn't work straight away though! You have to apply for a couple of months around twice a day to start seeing any decent results. I hope it works for you !


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