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Help! Itchy, Red, Swollen Toes

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  • Help! Itchy, Red, Swollen Toes

    My toes, on both feet, are red, swollen, and severely itchy. This happened last year beginning in December and stopping around late February. The last three days have been awful. Starting around 11 a.m. -ish my toes become insanely itchy, to the point where I want to cut them off (I really wouldn't do that). I have tried many over the counter creams, lotions, and powders. Nothing helps. The only thing that relieves the itchyness is soaking my feet in very cold water. I am a teacher and having itchy toes makes it very difficult to teach. I am open to any and all suggestions! Please help!

  • Do you have any peeling skin associated with it? Do you have athlete's foot? I know that athlete's foot can drive me mad sometimes, I've had it all my life. It got under my toe nails and became so infected that I don't even have toe nails anymore. I've found creams and lotions to be useless too, but if what you have is athlete's foot related, I know that moisture and heat are the worst for it. Keep them dry and exposed to open air whenever possibe (I have to wear open-toed shoes almost all year round, or else they get extremely irritated if they get sweaty and hot.) Keeping them cold is good, it seems to be the only thing that helps me.


    • itchy toes

      I had athleats foot my toes in between used to drive me crazy.My doctor gave me a tablet and i have been fine since.Ask your doctor for a fungal infection tablet when my doctor looked at my feet this is what she gave me and it sounds like you have the same problem.



      • Spring Time Feet

        It seems to calm down when the weather changes and you don't have to wear as many socks nowadays. Just remember...moisture is bad!!!
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        Be true to yourself and love YOU first
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        • It started in my second toe on my left foot, then following week it was all of my toes. They are huge, red, and itchy. I can't walk on them because it feels as if I'm walking on water filled toes. Believe me this hurts. Just like you I have no insurance or the funds to go to a doctor. I also have been having frequent urination and I am so tired. I wake up but I don't get out of bed. I used to be very active and I also used to have athlete's foot. I have hidradentis suppurativa and I sweat too much for me to be a girl. I'm 25. What should I do?


          • Itchy like mad!!

            Hi, ive recently started with swollen toes itchy like hell i et it when they cold or when they too hot and my toes go a blue grey colour when cold x its the tips of my toes too as well as my 4th and lil toes what is it any one know how to get rid of it please ?? xx
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            • Sounds a lot like athlete's foot. Do you have peeling, flaky skin too? Avoid moisture, wear sandals instead of shoes when you can, and avoid letting your feet get too hot. I have persistent athlete's foot, and I wear sandals almost year round to avoid getting my feet too hot and sweaty. I don't get itching and burning anymore, but I do still have flaky peeling skin that can be irritating. A daily epsom salt bath should help reduce the infection. Also try scrubbing gently in the shower with a pumice stone. Definitely ask your doctor for treatments, they can give you some effective medications, both topical and oral.


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