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Lips hurt after making out...

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  • Lips hurt after making out...

    Sorry if this question isn't in the right place. I wasn't exactly sure where to put it. Anyway, this is my problem-

    After making out with my boyfriend, I find that the skin around my lips is usually red, and looks a lot like how the skin around your nose looks after you've been blowing it a lot... It's rough, it stings, it's generally extremely uncomfortable. My face in general is usually pretty dry, and I have to put lotion on it everyday... It gets even more dry if I try to put water on it, etc. So, I'm thinking that the problem is most likely the fact that my boyfriend has bigger lips then I do. His mouth is also a lot wetter than mine is, and when we kiss- his lips usually dominate mine... which means there is a lot of moisture on my lips/the skin around my lips when we make out. Is that the only reason why my lips would be like this?

    I thought before that it was the particular brand of chap stick that he wore... My lips would literally sting and then go numb afterwards, but once he stopped wearing it- my lips seemed fine for awhile, except after daily, frequent making out/kissing. They'd become very sensitive, and when I was putting on the lotion close to my lips, they began to sting like they use to... which makes me think that the problem wasn't the chapstick, but merely having something else ontop of my already sore lips.

    Is there a way to prevent this from happening? Has anyone else experienced something like this?

    Thanks so much in advance!
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  • Does he use carmex? That could be part of the problem. Do your moisturize your lips? I personally like burt's bees products or my mary kay lip gloss.
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    • Carmex is what he got after his original chapstick didn't work out... but he hasn't used it in months. Why could that be part of the problem? And no, I don't often moisturize my lips, but they don't often feel really dry, either... but I will think about doing that, thanks.


      • Sounds like he probably isn't a very good kisser, a kiss should be with the lips, not all over your face. He needs to learn to rein it in a bit. Try sitting him down nice and comfy, tell him you are going to kiss him, you don't want him to DO anything. Then show him how you want it.


        • Are his kisses very wet on the outside of your mouth? Sometimes, just like when you lick your lips too much in cold weather it can make the skin around it blister... perhaps something like that is occuring?

          Does he have facial stubble or use an aftershave that your skin may be sensitive to?
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          • Wildchild, he's actually a very good kisser. It just happens that my lips are really thin, and we happen to kiss very passionately for quite a long time... I don't think it is that he's a bad kisser who doesn't know what he's doing, but more the fact that it's just very wet tounge kissing, haha... I'm more likely to agree with Hopeless Dork, but thank you for your advice! I will think about this more the next time we kiss (we are seperated right now for the next few weeks or so, due to a three+ hour difference in where we're living during the summertime)... Perhaps I am just so inlove with him that I'm overlooking the fact that our kisses are passionate, but have a tendency to wander, hah. But thank you very much again for the advice~ :]

            Hopeless Dork, it sounds very likely that it is just a lot of frequent moisture on my lips and the lip area. He has a little facial stubble, being a generally hairy guy, but he tends to do his best to shave it when I mention that it is becoming irritating to me. He's a good listener that way, and actually he was the one who re-mentioned the issue with my lips. He's probably more bothered by it then I am, as the problem only seems to occur when we're around each other daily (we like to kiss a lot, haha)~ and I'm a wierd girl who doesn't mind the soreness as much as the physical appearance that there's a problem. I'm not sure if he uses an aftershave, but I will make sure to ask him later, and get back to you. Thanks!


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