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please give me any advice

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  • please give me any advice

    first off, i know that i cannot get any professional advice from here and i know i should go to a doctor. but i literally have a fear of them. when i go see a doctor i cant speak and i dont tell them my symptoms thats why im trying to seek some advice or anything.i am 18 and my whole life i have just felt sick. i was recently hospitalized with swollen kidneys and pneumonia. my blood counts were good, everything else way okay but i have had high heart rate for months. i have not had a period in over 6 months. i have severe abdominal pain, my back aches, i have trouble eating and sleeping, my stomach is always bloated.im always nauseas. also, this is gross, but i noticed my area is swollen in the inside..i have taken a number of pregnancy tests and they have all been negative. when i touch below my belly it is so very sore. i have put on weight too. a few weeks ago i had a little bit of spotting but thats all. anything, will help me. i will go to the doctor soon. but i really do not want too. so please ladies, any input would be amazing.
    thank you

  • Doctors know that patients are often scared so they understand you may not be able to talk directly to them about your personal symptoms. What doctors tend to recommend for situations like that is write them down on a piece of paper, in detail, and when you go in say hi and everything and just give them the paper. That way you will not forget a symptom, you do not have to talk in detail in case you are embarrassed, and there is total recollection of any feelings you have so that you do not miss anything. A lot of doctors treat patients like that because it can be embarrassing to talk about certain things. You have many symptoms so you will need to see a doctor no matter what, so write down everything and let them read it and if they have some questions then answer them. It will not need much talking because most of the information will be on that piece of paper. It may be a yes or no or a quick "can you describe the pain" type question from the doctor. Makes it easier on you and the doctor still gets the information they need to help you out.
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    • Listen to ItsASecret...

      Read what she says.....then re-read it...until it sinks in....

      Her advice is sound and how much she cares about others is second to none (like so many others in this place).


      • I have to admit as soon as I read the first paragraph of your thread, same thing came to mind, write it all down.

        That's alot for you to go through a heck of a lot, make sure the Doctor pays attention to get this all resolved or find another Doctor that will...You can't live like this.


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