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Adrenal glands: Are they honestly blown out this easily?

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  • Adrenal glands: Are they honestly blown out this easily?

    So, my mom is concerned that my ragey, hyperactive Type A personality could eventually result in loss of adrenal function if I don't take steps to calm down and stop over-using those hormones all the time...

    Now I do know there is such a thing as "stress-induced hypocortisolemia" and I do have a history of hyperactivity of the adrenal glands which I get could possibly make over-use more likely than for a calm person...Surely it would take more than just being jacked up a lot of the time do cause that though?? I mean look for example at people in the military, junior doctors and other high danger personnel, they undergo plenty of stress and as far as I know they don't tend to suffer from hypoadrenalism...

    Anyone up on this subject??

  • Where exactly did your mom get the information that because you are hyper your adrenal glands will stop functioning?

    Stress can induce literally anything from pain to systemic imbalances. But that does not mean complete organ failure will happen. Unless a doctor says you need to be worried about certain system functions like adrenal glands producing their hormones then there is nothing to worry about. If you are concerned over your adrenal health then go see an endocrinologist, but taking poor information (example would be blogs) as a substitute for actual medical diagnosis is a bad idea since they tend to overexaggerate symptoms.

    If you are hyperactive and do not wish to be then see a doctor about that, but if it that is just your general personality then maybe calm down when you should however do not take excitement as an absolute reason to go to the doctor for help.
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    • She didn't say they would for sure she just reckons it's likely that I could get it because I probably use up more adrenaline than an average temperament or calm person would.

      According to the medical literature I could find there is in fairness indeed such a thing as "stress induced hypocortisolemia". I just wondered as to whether being hyperactive alone would do it.

      My hyperactive personality isn't a health issue. I don't have the ADHD type hyperness that interferes with concentration, so I don't see this as something that needs fixing.


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