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More than frequent UTIs. Desperate.

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  • More than frequent UTIs. Desperate.

    I cannot get rid of my UTI's. I get one every time I have sex. I take my round of antibiotics, am obviously too miserable to have sex at this point anymore because of it. I do everything you're supposed to do - urinate before and after sex, drink all kinds of cranberry juice, avoid perfumed soaps to wash with, drink a lot of water, pee standing, whatever. Doesn't work. I have been on so many antibiotics that they seem to no longer work, and at one point, I was sent into the hospital with an infection so bad that I needed IV antibiotics. After all of this and still getting UTIs practically every month, my doctors suggested that I take an antibiotic after every time I have sex. Guess what, doesn't help.. probably because they don't work anymore at this point. I am severely allergic to levaquin, which does not help, either. And whenever I do escape another bout of UTIs from sex every rare once in a while (when I'm not afraid to have it), if I don't think when I'm out on a Friday night and have any drink with Red Bull in it, it seems that the next morning ... I wake up with another UTI. Especially lately. I've had every STI test done to confirm that's not an issue. Multiple times even, because my PCP insisted that "must be the problem." I've been on antibiotics for the past month straight. I don't agree with it, but I feel like I'm out of options after talking to many doctors and getting the same answers. I just quit my most recent round of medicine two days ago. No sex, no caffeine. Woke up this morning and my symptoms are back in full swing. All the antibiotics do is temporarily relieve symptoms anymore. The second I stop taking them, it's back to being miserable. Honestly, I am so desperate. Would appreciate any suggestions/help.

  • That is incredibly frustrating. I had reoccuring UTI's for a while that seemed to occur every time I had sex with that particular partner. I have no idea why this happened. I, much like you, did everything I was supposed to do to avoid them and felt like I lived on antibiotics for much longer than I should. It sounds like the dr needs to give you a different kind of antibioitic, perhaps Macrobid or something like that. I would also recommend adding an AZO cranberry tablet to your daily regimen (you can't possibly drink enough cranberry juice in a days time to get what you need...plus you get the extra calories and sugar from all the juice), and consider even some unpasteurized apple cider vinegar to help get some balance back in your ph and flora. The antibiotic is a double edged sword.

    I would also recommend perhaps seeing another doctor. I'm not saying your doctor is wrong or doesn't know what he's doing....but you're not getting any answers and he's continuing to put you on the same type of antibiotics which you are obviously developing a resistance to. It wouldn't hurt to get a second opinion.
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    • A couple things....have you been to a urologist? Are you tested for UTIs every time you go in or do they just give you antibiotics from your description of symptoms? Do you take a multivitamin? If these bacteria are building up to such high numbers to cause symptoms that quickly, you might be deficient in some area? B12 is one people can be low in and not realize it. A good thing to take simply from being sexually active and of child bearing age is a prenatal - whether you intend on getting pregnant or not.

      What I would suggest is to have your doc run the gamete of tests. That includes thyroid activity. Hyperthyroidism can cause symptoms like burning urination without it showing up as a UTI (that's why I asked if you are tested every time). I would go to a specialist. Also, do you clean yourself after having sex every time? If not, try using sterile wipes (not just toilet paper) and thoroughly clean yourself immediately after sex. Are you on any medications right now like birth control? Hormones (and their swings) can wreak major havoc on your body in some pretty crazy ways that people don't think of. Your natural pH may be out of alignment for whatever reason.

      Are you only having sex with one person and this is still happening? I tend to get yeast infections or UTIs if I switch partners but they go away after sleeping with one person for a while. Resistance to antibiotics is obviously a huge thing. Docs seem prone to prescribing antibiotics for anything (even viruses) just to please patients and, before you know it, your body had built up an amazing immunity against them.

      So...my advice....go back to your general practitioner....ask for a test of all levels of vitamins, thyroid, kidney function etc... (kidney function could be especially important here). Ask for a referral to a urologist. And bottom line - BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE. I have simple partial seizures (one form of epilepsy) and had been bouncing from doc to doc with these symptoms that nobody could figure out. I knew it had to be something neurological and said I wanted every test they could give me. So finally, after me arguing with them and telling them they had to do more, they found the spikes on my EEG and I finally got a diagnosis. That whole process took over 7 years. Please do not give up. You know your body better than they do and, if you feel something is wrong, you need to be adamant about getting the care you deserve!


      • Hi Everyone,

        I used to be in the same boat as all of you - I tried everything (cranberry pills, antibiotics, urologists, washing, peeing before, after etc...) After going to plenty of doctors (urologists, obgyns etc.) and not having any solutions - I thought I would go based on my gut - I always felt like I wasn't 'wet' enough during sex and so we started using KY Jelly. It has truly been a miracle for us.. I have not had a UTI since starting this over a year ago. (I did get a bladder 'irritation' twice due to not using a lubricant/an insufficient amount. (NOTE: For a period of time I thought I was getting UTInfections when in fact some of them were only 'irritations'...which would not have needed antibiotics and could have been cured by drinking plenty of water .. avoiding sugar...and with the help of AZO. )

        A few other things I have noticed... if I have sex right after my period ends it is more likely to get irritated. Also if I have sex several times in a day I am more likely to get 'bladder irritation'. When that happens - I will take an antibiotic for a day/two. But otherwise, I pretty much have not taken any antibiotics for a year, no cranberrry pills, I tend to keep myself clean anyway (but not additional washing than the average person). I do try to make sure I drink enough water during the day and pee when I need to/try not to hold it for too long..

        Anyway, I really really hope this helps someone - since I know how frustrating it can get.. I too used to visit these discussion boards looking for answers.. and now I've found one thats worked for me.

        One more note... although we have not been successful in no longer needing to use KY Jelly. For anyone who is thinking of conceiving - you should use pre-seed (or something similar) in its place.


        • hi all,

          ive posted on other threads about this. I get freq utis. I've tried the low dose antibiotic after sex, and I was uncomfortable taking it in fear that I would build tolerance and would stop working.. not to mention the common antibiotic prescribed - nitrofuritan (sp)? - can cause lung damage!

          I've found that d-mannose is really helpful. I found it when reading through a similar women's health blog. It is an herbal alternative. It is a simple sugar that binds to ecoli bacteria in the bladder's cell's walls, and wipes it away with urine. I use this as a preventative method only considering only antibiotics can eridicate an established uti.

          I also just started taking a probiotic (fem dophilus - again sp?). both the probiotic & d mannose can be found at whole foods, or likely any organic store. I am not an anti-medicane, pro-herbal remedy person, but when you've exhausted all the doctor's options, you become willing to try anything.. and I was pleasantly surprised.

          d mannose comes in both powder & tablet form. I have both. I think the powder is really only tolerable in orange juice, but some people enjoy the taste. I usually opt for the tablet, especially before/after intercourse w/my boyfriend, if your UTIs tend to be linked to that.

          best of luck & keep us posted.


          • I think I might know something that will help!

            At this point I'm just copying and pasting this because I'm sick of writing it out:

            Ok now I've been going around commenting on everyone's post who have had countless UTI's because I have found something that works for me that no one else seems to be mentioning. FEMININE WASH!!!! In my case Summer's Eve Sensitive Skin. For six years I got UTI's 1-3x a month! My life was severely impacted by them and several times I had to miss exams because I was in too much pain. I went to several urologists, was on antibiotics all the time, ate cranberry pills daily, did the invasive tests, etc., and nothing helped! Then in March of this year I just decided to get Summer's Eve and I haven't had one since then. There were times when I thought I was going to get one, but I never did!. I hope this simple product provides relief for you like it did for me.


            • Sorry to hear about your UTI's!!! I used get them frequently (Usually every other month). We have mostly resorted to "quickies" as I end up getting UTI's more often when it is not a quickie. Something that I've noticed helps is that I've started a more alkaline diet... eat less acidic foods and eat more alkaline, and I majorly cut back on sodas. That is the only thing I have changed that has resulted in less UTI's and it's been 7 months since the last one. Everybody is different but keep trying! Best of luck


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