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Blood and stool

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  • Blood and stool

    I went stool twice today.
    The first time it didn't hurt but there was so much blood on the toilet paper from the rectum.
    Second time there was just as much blood and it hurt so bad . The bowl was filled with blood both times.
    This isn't the first time I've gone stool and have had blood-- it has happened multiple times,
    but I thought maybe I had a vein burst or a fischer.
    I'm almost 18 and colon cancer runs in my family which is why I'm concerned .
    I put preparation H on for tonight so, the pain is subsiding.
    Any advice?

  • This could be very serious, it could be from a hemorroide which has burst, to a cyst, a polyp, bleeding ulcer or anything. You need to have it checked out and if colon cancer runs in your family, you need to have it checked for that as well.
    That which we forget may as well never really happened.


    • Lilhippy,

      You say the second time it hurt real bad. Give me some more feedback about the pain. Are you saying the pain was coming from the rectum opening? Or was the pain felt more in the lower stomach area and intestines? Have you experienced excessive gas and/or mucous?

      Seeing blood immediately makes us think the worst most of the time. I highly recommend you see a doctor, possibly a gastroenterologist. Does your family history include any other diseases like colitis or crohn's disease?

      Typically, a hemorrhoid isn't going to cause a huge amount of blood in the bowl. However, blood, gas, mucous, loose stools, and abdominal pain are symptomatic of colitis and crohn's disease. They are supposedly hereditary diseases (not true in my case). There is no cure, but they are managable if you follow a strict diet.

      Please give an update. I'm concerned.


      • Crohns disease and colitis do not run in my family, but my great aunt died at age 67 from colon cancer which is why this concerned me.
        I felt pain from the rectum- like a tearing pain if that makes sense.
        The second I had pain immediately there was blood and a lot of it.
        Maybe I should see a doctor?
        I was wondering, since I finished my menstrual cycle on Thursday, that maybe this is something hormonal?
        But I don't know why it would cause pain and blood in the rectum =/.


        • The tearing pain makes sense. If your stool was large and hard to pass, you very well could have torn. Maybe I'm confused when you say you had a lot of blood. When I'm out of remission (colitis), and I use the term "a lot of blood", I mean A LOT of blood. As in the water is red. Regardless, this isn't the first time you have experienced bloody stools, so yes, you should see a doctor. Bloody stools and your period are NOT related. I've never heard of any form of hormonal issue causing bloody stools.


          • I had a Bout with Bloody " Stools ' myself in September, It was some Scary stuff, every time I Pooped or even passed gas, the bowl was red, and I mean Red, and a tablespoon or more was on the tissue after wiping.

            I had had a Hemoroid that stung like Crapolla, it kept poking out and I kept Poking it back in, as it only stung when it was outside . It Finally Burst and things calmed down for a couple of days .
            Then It started back up, and I mean 16 days of looking like I was on my Period only from the Anus .
            I haven't had a period in about 10 years, this was Anal Bleeding .

            I finally went to ER for the bleeding and for my Heart Issues , I have WPWS and also Constant PVC's and Pac's . My blood pressure was 188 over 113. They did a Cat Scan, for Crohns and Colitus and IBS . Nothing showed to be wrong.
            I was referred to a Gastro but could not go, as I have no Medical, so I suffered with Anal Bleeding for another 10 days. Thought I was bleeding to death through my **** ..

            One day it just stopped, that was late September (2012). And I have not had any anal bleeding since . Even though I cannot see the Specialists or any other Dr. Due to no medical , I've done some research and did get to Talk with a Dr. on the phone.

            WE , together came up with a Possible Reason, I had a Large Hemorrhoid that bulged and finally burst, That was the extremely Painful one, like a knife stuck up my Butt, I could have had several Internal hemorrhoids.
            My very high Blood pressure is what made it ( them ) bleed for so long .

            The few weeks after my ER Visit, I changed my Diet some, I bought some Generic Beni-fiber powder, put it in my coffee, milk, cereal,3 times a day, I drank more water, Ate more Oatmeal with honey and brown sugar, added peanut butter and Prunes and Prune juice . Switched to Wheat Bread instead of White. I also bought some Internal hemorrhoid Suppositories at Walgreens, the ones that say for Internal use .
            Within 10 days the Bleeding had stopped and has not been back .

            I'm almost 60 and it was a very scary thing, I now eat a bit better, whole Grains and more Fiber and More Water, I also make sure I get the Fruit Fiber and some Essential Oils, like Tuna and Peanut butter .

            One thing for sure is when my Blood Pressure lowered, so did the Bleeding .
            So maybe get your BP checked, if it's high and you have the Tendency to Internal Hemorrhoids , It can cause the Excessive Bleeding .

            Also remember that a Little blood , even a Teaspoon or Tablespoon Looks like allot, especially in water and on Toilet Paper. An easy way to prove this to yourself is to take some Food Coloring, get a glass , put a cup of water in it , add two drops of the Coloring and watch how dark or Bright it gets , also wet a few folded pieces of TP and add a drop and watch it spread . It looks like more , so knowing this might help ease your mind .
            Do see your Dr. Do ask about your BP, if high , it could be exacerbate something simple. But again let the Dr. Determine if it is more Serious


            • lilhippy,

              Was just wondering how you are doing? Have things improved, stayed the same, or gotten worse? Have you been able to see a doc. yet?


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