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Bladder problems, now Viginosis, sex and period? (Big mess) Help please!! :(

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  • Bladder problems, now Viginosis, sex and period? (Big mess) Help please!! :(

    Okay so I have a few things going on, ill go in chronological order and try to make it as simple as i can:

    I been having bladder problems for the past 4-5 years now: My bladder doesn't empty properly and i get spasm and it makes me unable to walk during that period or do anything (the feeling is hard to explain, but let me tell you its the most uncomfortable thing ever). I been followed for years now and they been giving me/trying medications and nothing ever really works out. I been taking Toviaz and Gelnic for a little while now and its been helping, yet not taking the problem away...but definitely helping.

    I had a threesome recently and ever since i felt like something was wrong, i went to the clinic about 4 days ago and found out i have a Vaginosis, which i got pills for and it usually goes away right after. (I didnt take the pills yet because the doctor gave me tips to try before, in case it could go away without having to take the pills).
    My pharmacy had a delay in having my new bottle of Toviaz pills (two days ago), therefore i didnt take it, but i had sex two nights ago with one of the two partners, and it was alright for the next 24hrs, but today i have the weirdess thing going on with my bladder! My pee barely gets out and it HURTS, almost like burning, and it looks like theres a bit of blood, it looks pinkish on the toilet paper...and my period isnt supposed to be here until wednesday or thursday (were sunday) and my last pill of the pack was last night, so definitely my period isnt supposed to come around for at least tuesday/wed/thurs.

    Sorry this is probably confusing, but now im wondering if the "heavy" sex while having a Vaginosis has something to do with it? Or if the fact i didnt take my bladder pill Toviaz ONE time messed with my bladder? What about the pink ish colour when i wipe after barely peeing?

    Any opinions/advice is highly appreciated and wanted, please let me know your thoughts! Thank you so very much

  • To me it sounds like you might have a UTI (urinary tract infection). Sex can cause those, and when you have a UTI it is extremely painful to urinate and it is common to have blood in the urine as well. You may want to ask a doctor about that. I have had several UTI's in my lifetime, and it is a very painful, uncomfortable experience. They are also extremely common for women because of how short our urethra is. Hope this helps!


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