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Long term pain on the lower left side

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  • Long term pain on the lower left side


    A few months ago, I started experiencing pain in my sides during the day - nothing too severe, generally I didn't even have to take a pain killer, but it was there every day.

    I went to my GP - they did a bunch of blood tests (anemia, thyroid, a ton of others etc) which all came back normal. I also had a pelvic ultrasound, which showed polycystic ovaries (only the cysts though, the GP didn't think I had PCOS) HOWEVER the GP said that he didn't think that this was was causing the pain in my sides (which by this point was only in the left side). He did an examination of my stomach with his hands as well, but it seemed fine. However, he told me that he didn't know what WAS causing the pain.

    Now, the thing is the pain in the left side is STILL there. It's gone away for a week or so at a time, but most of the time it's still there. It's usually in the lower left side, but it moves around a bit - have also felt it in the hip, slightly further up, or more in the front of the pelvic area.

    Generally I would say it's been pretty mild, but the last couple of days it's been more severe, and has included (fairly mild and intermittent) stabbing pains in the groin area. There's also been an acute pain in one spot when I cough - sort of where the left ovary would be I think.

    My GP suggested IBS but I'm not convinced -it's more a dull ache than cramping, it's there almost everyday rather than coming and going, and it doesn't particularly seem to be linked to my toilet habits.

    I recently saw a different MP about something else and mentioned that I was still having these pains and that the other GP had said that he didn't know what was causing them - he didn't seem concerned.

    However, I don't think it's normal to be having this kind of pain every day. Like I said, it's not particularly severe and doesn't generally seem to be getting worse but it's been going on for six months or so now and I do find it a bit concerning.

    And if you read all of that, I guess my question is - any idea what might be causing it? Could it actually be IBS or the cysts? Could it be something else? Much appreciated.

  • One thing I forgot to mention - my periods have gradually been getting more painful over the last year or so. It's gone from the point where one ibuprofen would sort me for most of the day, to the point where two ibuprofen and two paracetamol barely last me a couple of hours. Don't know if that's related or not...


    • Can you give your Age ?
      The reason I'm asking is there are different " pains " at different ages and for different reasons .
      Especially during our Hormonal Changing Sessions.

      It seems like you have Dr's that listen and do the Proper "Tests " But the Findings are not complete .

      What is the difference between a MP and a GP in your area ?
      This meaning Government Provided ( Military ) Or Multi Practice Specialist ( GP ) or Just our regular Civilian/ Clinic
      You should be able to trust the Dr's you see, But " Floating Pains " are hard to have Diagnosed. Try keeping records and actually noting every " twinge " what you did, how / when you did it ..
      It could help your DR. find out what is up .

      I want to note one thing .. Internal Pain is rarely felt until that organ or muscle or nerve .. Tells your Outside and or Brain that it Hurts or is damaged.
      I hope nothing is wrong .. and I would not worry too much .


      • Hi, thanks for the response. I'm in my late 20s.

        GP is general practitioner (I'm in the UK)


        • Oh just noticed I wrote MP in one place when I just meant GP


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