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I was tested for herpes by NOMS and I feel they aren't being completely honest. help?

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  • I was tested for herpes by NOMS and I feel they aren't being completely honest. help?

    I'm not saying there is NO WAY I can have herpes 1 because 2 weeks ago my boyfriend DID go down on me with a sore on his lip. So I am aware it's very possible and likely however, here is my issue okay.

    1. As I said, he went down on me 2 weeks ago. I was fine for those 2 weeks I had no flue like symptoms, nothing, then he goes and uses "Axe Chocolate" body wash which I am highly allergic to scented soaps and immediately after we are finished having sex it starts to hurt, really bad. The next day it was still hurting but we decided let's try to have sex anyway(stupid I know, but hey we are only human) so anyway, we have sex again and still it hurts but we finish and that was that. I go home and pain is still there.(burning, itching, burning during urination, swelling, white discharge right after I pee) so he texts me the next morning saying he has a rash on his penis. I thought maybe I bit him too hard but then he started getting flakey skin on it and underneath the flaky skin was a shiny red. He said it didn't hurt but there was mild itching. This went on for 3 days, I found out through medical health boards he had a yeast infection. I told him to put Monistat on it and sure enough it is now GONE he has no more redness or anything. So if I had herpes wouldn't that have given him herpes considering we had sex while I was supposedly "outbreaking"??

    2. Yes, I went in to see my Dr. immediately and they did a culture. During the time I was waiting for results they had me on a generic brand of Valtrix, 1 day after taking the pill I was already feeling better. My boyfriend's Mom said even if it isn't herpes this stuff would still clear it up. So the 2nd day of taking it everything I was feeling was completely gone and it's been 4 days and still no symptoms!! I'm on my period and so there is some itching but I feel that is from the pad because I do typically get rashes and there is very slight burning when I urinate but again I get rashes from the pad, however I do realize this could also be herpes.

    3.I did some research and herpes 1 is sores on the lip which we all get, herpes 2 is sores on the bottom(down there) my nurse said I have herpes 1.. I did research and no I don't, because if it came back herpes 1 then I would have a cold sore on my lip, and I never had a sore on my bottom, my boyfriend looked and didn't see anything. Now don't you think if they were telling me the truth about my results that they'd have said herpes 2???

    Nothing is adding up, so I am trying to get into a Dr. my boyfriend's sister referred me to but for some reason I can't reach them today but any who I do plan on having a 2nd test done because I feel NOMS is lying to me about my results. My friend said people have pressed charges on them before for changing patients records and lying to them about results. I don't know how true this is because I haven't looked that up, I don't even know where I'd start on researching that, so basically I'm here trying to get your opinion, what do you think of this matter?

  • anyone? Please?


    • Would not be able to give you a scientific answer, but I think you should go with your instincts
      and if you listen to your body, you'll figure it out.

      The 2nd opinion is not a bad idea at all. Even though they probably aren't lying to you, symptons
      have been known to mean different things. Since doctors are human too, jumping to the wrong
      conclusion often happens, especially if you mentioned that you thought it might be herpes.

      Good luck!


      • Thank you, I just don't want to feel gross or anything over something I don't even have. I honest to God don't think I have herpes. As I said in my post nothing adds up. NOMS has screwed me over before too.


        • Let us know how it turns out!


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