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Any advise would be greatly appreciated

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  • Any advise would be greatly appreciated

    I'm a 38 year old mother of a 17 month old and am currently on the depo shot. Over the past three weeks I've been having a bloody discharge rather than a period. When I got back on the depo after the birth of my son, I had a 69 day period that wouldn't stop until they doubled up on my shot. It's not a lot, but to the point I have to keep a liner on at all times. During these few weeks, I've also noticed some blood coming from my anus as well 4 of these days. I've had an anal fissure about a year ago and am aware of what one feels like. I also had surgery to repair it. I'm having absolutely no pain that resembles what it used to feel like. Though I've been having pain off and on over the last few months in my lower left abdomen. It feels like a gas bubble or cramp that's trapped. It's gotten increasingly more painful, to the point that I get nauseous and start to sweat until it passes. I’ve also noticed some skin changes over the past couple of months. I’ve gotten a lot of pimples around my neck and even more behind and below my ears. Any insight would be greatly appreciated, since our insurance deductible has jumped to a whopping $2,500. Thank you!

  • I would consult your doctor ASAP.


    • That's what my husband said too.


      • I was hoping someone out there had the same symptoms and would tell me it was just hormones or something.


        • Could the depo shot be the cause?? hi and plezd to meet u btw. u may want to check with ur family and ur family doctor together and come up with more options possibly in my opinion.. Speedy recovery to my friend.
          "God help our friend here with her period.. She is having issues with it please"


          • Thanks. Not sure if the depo could be the cause or not. I was on it for 5 years previous of my pregnancy and loved it. No side effects what so ever and no periods. It was wonderful! Pregnancy sure does a number on you...I've never been the same since.


            • Originally posted by hullapopper View Post
              Thanks. Not sure if the depo could be the cause or not. I was on it for 5 years previous of my pregnancy and loved it. No side effects what so ever and no periods. It was wonderful! Pregnancy sure does a number on you...I've never been the same since.
              Suggestion.. Get seen by family doctor wirh ur family... It can serious.. But hoping not.
              Hi and plezd to meet u. Bullspopper :-)


              • My best friend had the same issues. She had a period that last 56 days and Started breaking out and would get nauseous and vomit. Her GYN told her that her hormone levels were off. She had a few blood test and examinations and was put on synthetic hormones for 3 months to reset her system. I don't know if that helps but it did help her. I will ask her later on today what he medication was so that I can post it here for you.

                I know it helped her greatly. Her favorite part was that her skin cleared up and she lost some of the weight she had gained while sick.


                • Thanks for the words of encouragement. This is the first I've heard of anyone else going through the same thing. I'm sitting at the hospital right now chugging water before my ultrasound. I finally went to see my gyno yesterday and looks like I'm going to have my tubes tied over spring break so I can get off the depo. Also an ablation or partial hysterectomy depending on the outcome of the ultrasound today. No more birth control and no more periods...hallelujah!
                  I'm so happy for your friend and a little jealous. Thanks again for taking the time to comment and helping to put my mind at ease.


                  • The ultra-sound came back negative...thank heavens! Meeting with gyno again on the 21st to discuss my hysterectomy scheduled for the 29th. From what I understand, both of my ovaries are going to be left and my tubes tied. Finally the bleeding will come to a stop and no more depo or any other form of birth control. I imagine I'll be feeling so much better a month from now.
                    I'm still bleeding from the rectum from time to time. My gyno said that's something I need to discuss with my family doctor. That will be my next step following the hysterectomy.
                    Thanks to all who have voiced their opinion and support.


                    • Any possibility the rectal bleeding is from hemorrhoids? These often pop up during pregnancy and never really go away; when they're irritated they can bleed.
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                      • No, was seen by a colo-rectal specialist for quite some time after my delivery for a anal fissure. I never developed any hemmeroids but had surgery to repair the fissure. My gyno suggested I have a colonoscopy after I heal up from the hysterectomy.


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