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Really looking for help. At the end of my rope with my health

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  • Really looking for help. At the end of my rope with my health

    I've been sick with an infection for three weeks.
    Started in my gums thanks so a crooked tooth which caused my gum to grow over it an get infection (dentist told me I have to have my gums reshaped), moved to my parotid gland, cheeks, into my sinuses and has been lovingly moving throughout out my body. Last week I started having trouble breathing while laying down and doing anything more than a slow walk. My chest has been hurting and my doctor put me on a new round of antibiotics (3rd round so far) for the infection, and inhaled and oral steroids for breathing as well as a couple of shots to jump start my lungs i guess. He said that the lower region of my lungs/bronchioles weren't expanding when I inhaled and were really tight.

    I forgot to mention to him that I was going to be flying for work, as I do every two weeks.

    On take off I started having severe chest pains and I couldn't breath and was getting lightheaded. I couldn't take in enough air at all. I was on oxygen for half the flight. Landing wasn't bad at all. First time that has ever happened. I have been flying every two weeks since December and I have never had any issues flying.

    I asked my doctor what happened and he says he doesn't know, but I'm in another state and I have no idea what I can do since he cant see me. I'm constantly short of breath and my chest hurts when I breathe. I received no advice on whether I should fly again in a few days when I need to return home.

    I don't want to go to the ER, as I don't know what to tell them, plus I'm in another state. Its been going on for so long and just getting worse. Has anyone dealt with anything like this before. I'm a healthy 25 year old with diabetes (well controlled and A1C under 7) and asthma (I haven't had in attack in YEARS!). I haven't been sick in a really really long time.

    Any advice or ideas?

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