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Possible metapause at 18??

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  • Possible metapause at 18??

    So I usually get my periods on time and have never really had any trouble. This is the second month I've missed it an lately I've been having extreme hot flashes, mood swings, and major headaches. Some abdominal cramps and nausea. Since I am sexually active my fort thought was pregnancy, test came back negative and some of the symptoms you just don't get with pregnancy. Can any one provide me with some advice? I'm seriously worried

  • I have not had my menstrual cycle for close to 9 months now.. I'm only 21 I've had the same symptoms as you my doctors have no idea what is wrong I've had blood tests done and X-rays and ultrasounds.. They have found nothing..


    • h Kmorri

      what u might possibly have is just delayed periods due to so many reasons

      pls stop worrying,

      and not to scare u, menopause can occur before menarche too - rare


      • It would be extremely rare for a person to experience menopause at the age of 18. There are many reasons that you may skip your period, for example stress, changes in physical routine (just began an exercise program), hormonal issues unrelated to menopause. You may experience premenstrual symptoms and still skip a period. There are many instances where your doctor may prescribe birth control pills to help regulate your cycle.

        You mentioned that your first thought was pregnancy, but you do not mention if you are taking bc pills. I'm thinking not since you thought that could be an issue and you are skipping periods. If you are, how long have you been taking them? If you just recently began, it could be your body hormones leveling out and adjusting to the new hormonal treatment.

        If none of the above ring a bell, you may want to see your doctor, or visit a planned parenthood clinic and explain your situation. Hope you get to feeling better.


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