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Embarrassing...my crack is itching!!!

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  • Embarrassing...my crack is itching!!!

    This is a horribly embarrassing topic and I don't know how to word it delicately, so here goes...

    For the past week, my butt crack has been itching like CRAZY. It's not my actual anus, just the area surrounding it. I purchased some hemorrhoid cream and it takes the edge off, but it doesn't completely stop the itching. For a couple of days, the itching died down for the most part but now it's back.

    What's interesting is that the itching started the same week that I switched about 50% of my diet to organic food. Before that, I wasn't eating anything organic. I went on a trip to Whole Foods and came home with all organic food for my breakfast and most of my lunches, and a couple of days after the switch was when the itching started up. Along with the change in diet also came a change in my bowel movements. I've always had a problem with chronic constipation and now I'm having daily bowel movements. Not sure if this might be related to my problem...

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • Your itching could be caused by pinworms. Google "pinworms" for more information. If you have them, they are easily treated, it is best to treat the whole family.
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    • I may as I dealt with issues with hemorrhoids for most of my adult life and seem to have been completely cured since last year, but your issues don't sound like hemorrhoids. Why did you buy hemorrhoid cream? Is it just rawness from wiping? Please clarify.
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      • I have this problem occasionally, it usually happens after I have frequent BMs (not diarrhea). I believe it's from wiping too much, which irritates the whole area. My crack gets very itchy and red for days at a time This may sound funny, but it helps to blow dry (on COOL setting!) your backside after going to the bathroom...I heard Dr. Oz suggest this for anal fissures and it works for this problem as well.


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