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    Hi Everyone

    I'm new to the forums as need some people to talk to apart from my friends who just tell me what I want to hear!

    I hope you can answer some concerns or at least maybe set my mind at rest

    Since having my daughter 3/12 years ago I have been experiencing these weird feelings where my brain plays games, almost like a de ja vue kind of feeling, it was very rare when it first started happening 3 years ago but it seems to be more frequent!

    I had an episode 3 weeks ago where, I got up one morning to make tea and while making tea, i had a thought about something but couldn't think at the time what I was trying to think about, then I came over all funny and went really clamy, panicked and had a headache after.

    The next funny turn was on sunday (just gone) was cooking dinner and after it was cooked I walk in to my lounge to sit down and eat it and it happened again, same feeling as above but I never panicked this time it just passed over after a few seconds.

    It then happened again Monday night, while I was led in bed about 10pm, I was just laying there thinking in general and then again had a feeling of trying to remember something but couldn't, I called out my husbands name for reassurance as he was in the other room and then it passed!

    Again, it happened yesterday after a weights class at the gym but this time I was led down cooling down after the class, stretching and the same feeling came over me.

    After these turns i feel sick and nausea and then it passes over, I am not pregnant!

    After 3 of these turns in a row i am getting worried and I do have a doctors appointment booked for next Tuesday but I need some answers, it really worrying me that something is wrong.

    Please help


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