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Quit Smoking Constant Painful Side Effects

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  • Quit Smoking Constant Painful Side Effects

    I'm hoping this is in the right section. My apologies if it is not.

    My boyfriend has been smoking for 12 years. He once quit years ago for three months; cold turkey. When he had quit, for two weeks he had major withdrawals that made his body quiver. He had hacked stuff up. Cravings. Lungs hurt. Then after two weeks it had all went away. No more cravings, no pains, nothing.

    Three weeks ago he quit again, and we're trying to make it be the final time. He used a nicotine patch for two weeks. While on the patch he had the body quivers, hacking stuff up, cravings and his lungs hurt. The only things that have stopped are the body quivers and hacking stuff up.

    But now a week later of absolutely no nicotine in his system; he still has cravings, especially after a meal. And his lungs still constantly hurt. We understand that after 12 years of damage, his lungs have to heal. But when he quit cold turkey it was all done and finished after two weeks. Now with having used the patch we're on week 3 and he's still having affects.

    Does anyone know what's going on? We don't have insurance so seeing a doctor isn't a possibility. He's getting frustrated with all of this and I don't want him going back to smoking just to end the pain.

    Thank you to anyone who can help us.

  • Nicotine patches produce nicotine.

    The aim and goal is to stop the habit of lighting up, but still giving you the hit.

    So if he has only been off the patches for a week, the nicotine is still in his system and will be for at least another week if not two, as it slowly seeps out so that he has no cravings at all.

    As for the lungs hurting that is normal too, as they are for sure trying to heel and now he is breathing in good air, instead of smoke so it hurts.

    Tell him he's doing GREAT ... though he will get an appetite for sure and put some weight on that's the down fall, then off again to another goal, to loose that


    • Thank you. We've been wondering how much longer he's going to go through this. At least now we have a window.


      • Been where he's been, alas, still smoke


        • But now a week later of absolutely no nicotine in his system; he still has cravings, especially after a meal
          Has he tried any of the " E " Cigarettes ?
          They have the nicotine in them and the " habit " of sucking on a smoke is especially strong after a meal. So you get the " satisfaction " of the action of Smoking after a meal, but not all of the carcinogenicity of actual Cigarettes. You can also buy cartridges that are less nicotine and wean yourself slowly.

          I have many customers that come into my work, that are using it. They say it works well for them .

          Thinking of giving it a try myself, when the cost comes down a bit. Right now, it's cheaper to smoke, lol, Of course I buy my smokes on the Reservation, so only $30 a carton. and it's like $90 for an equivalent of 5 packs of the E cigs.

          I also tried the Patch, I actually smoked more when on it . Very Dangerous.

          Smoking is a bad thing for health and every smoker knows it but its very difficult to stop somebody to Smok.
          Yes , Kinghawk is right, We do know it's bad for us .. But No one can make someone else quit Smoking.Only the smoker can make that choice.


          • He was using the E cig's to help him go down in daily smokes, they helped prolonged him needing one. But once he actually quit and the patch went on his arm; all cigs were out of the house. That way there was no temptation for him at all.

            But good news is he's quit for 2 months thus far and counting. He still gets cravings after a meal. We've heard that can last forever and he's hoping that won't the be case for him. From what he's said the cravings are strong and I fear him going back to the bad habit because the strong want for it just won't go away. But as of right now I am dating a non-smoker. YAY!


            • Keeping my fingers crossed for him.
              But maybe, just in case, have an E Cig hidden somewhere,Beats him going into that craving and grab a Real Smoke.
              It may be a comfort to know he has an "Approved Safety Net " should that urge get too strong. It's not only the Nicotine that he is fighting against. It's the Physical Habit also.
              And then it takes the Sneaking and Lying and Shame of Failure out of the Equation.
              And if the Nicotine is truly out of his system, just the " E Cig " without the cartridge can help with the Habit of Hand to mouth .


              • it has been almost 8 years since i quit smoking and still.... every once in a while I want one. but know that, the more time passes the easier it is for you to think of something else and make the cravings go away. just look at how far he has come. in the first two weeks the cravings were almost unbearable right? now, he still has them, they are fewer and less frequent, and he can get his mind off them more easily. he is well on his way. you tell him i said congrats! that is an amazing accomplishment. it only gets easier from here!


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