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Persistent cough with extreme fatigue and SOB

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  • Persistent cough with extreme fatigue and SOB

    My healthy 67 year old mother has been struggling with "something" since October. She has always been an active school teacher with alot of energy. She came down with a harsh, hacking cough in October and has battled with it up til now. Along with that she has had shortness of breath and extreme fatigue. She is not a smoker or drinker and has always excercised and been in good health. At first, she was still able to be up and around, but now she can hardly take a shower without being SOB and extremely tired. Her weakness just gets worse. Her voice has even become frail. She does have a history of esophageal reflux and has been on Prilosec for a long time. She believed the Prilosec to cause weakness a few years ago and went off it. She is back on it. The doctors have done blood tests on her and twice her WBC count was high, but then regressed. They never put her on an antibiotic or anything. They took one chest X-ray in November. As of two weeks ago, she has now seen the pulmonologist (who quadrupled her Prilosec intake) found nothing in her lungs. She went to the cardiologist and they did an injected echo-stress test. That came back normal as well. We are at a loss to understand what might be going on here. If anyone has any advice, please let me know. She is going to see the neurologist on the 25th. The doctors seem baffled.

  • She needs to take care of her immune system. There are foods to incorporate in the diet and supplements to take. I enhanced my immune system by taking pinecone extract and eating right. If the immune system can get stronger it will battle the harsh cough naturally.


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