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Bacterial Vaginosis a.k.a BV

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  • Bacterial Vaginosis a.k.a BV

    Hey pretty ladies! my name is Francesca, I'm 22 from Brooklyn NY. I had no idea what a yeast infecton, bv or anything of that nature was until 3 months ago. I had my monthly period, but this period was unusual. A few days after my cycle ended, I noticed a nasty discharge and odor, and i was like what the hell!! I thought my fiancee of 5 years had passed on an std.. so we got tested and we were both clear of STD's and HIV. So that wasnt the problem. I searched my symptoms and learned for the first time of BV. I did nothing for 2 months to see if it cleared on it's own since I have absolutely no knowledge of infections down there. I ate yogurt a lot and cut my sugar intake, and the smell went from fishy to a mild glue like smell.

    I looked up treatments and as stubborn as I am I refuse to insert anything other than a tampon, or take pills, so 2 weeks ago I finally did the 3% hydrogen peroxide douche. What a relief from the smell and discharge, even after sex. I bought Vh Essentials from Rite Aid and Acidophilus 1Bil pills to add to my chewy vitamin B daily regimen. My bv must be very mild because I barely ever notice any smell or tons of discharge, but I will go forward and continue my hydrogen peroxide douche, as well as take the pills I just bought. I recommend to first time BV sufferers to not over-do the medicines, as these reviews on BV look as most women have recurring BV because of all these medicines, I just let nature do it's thing naturally. It works for me.. Feedback is very much appreciated! It's nice to join this forum and be comfortable knowing we are all women who go through the same problems.. Thank you for listening!

  • It is important to distinguish if it is a yeast infection or bacterial infection. If your discharge does not smell it probably is a yeast infection. Also, get a ph stick from the drug store and check the ph level of your vagina. If it is acidic it is yeast, alkaline or basic means it is bacterial. If it is bacterial see a gynecologist immediately!


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