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Down right bizzare

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  • Down right bizzare

    I went to my GYN when I suspected that I had pmdd. when I rattled off the rather long list of strange and down right bizzare symptoms I was having, she actually turned white in the face. She suggested we start by trying the mirana(is that the right spelling?). A week later my period started and she inserted the device. I have been bleeding now for over three and a half weeks and my period has gone from it's normal four to six days of regular flow to the three and a half weeks of stop and start more then spotting but less then a normal flow. My physical and psychological symptoms have gotten even more bizzare. When I went to the emergency room to be evaluated, which is what my GYN told me to do if the symptoms were to get ****scary**** they offered no help what so ever, diagnosed me with a UTI that supposedly unrelated to the bizzare symptoms and sent me home to simply ****call my GYN****. I'm going out of my mind. Nobody knows what to do. The sympoms start the evening before my period and end the day it ends. The rest of the month I am ****normal**** I will list the symptoms I have been having this month which are a thousand times worse then last month. I'm terrified because the symptoms are seemingly random. some last a few moments, some hours or even days. Some only happen once others happen frequently and without warning. I can't work. I'm afraid to leave my house. It's as if my brain and body have completely short circuited during my period.

    symptom list as follows:

    cramps down the front of my thighs, random stabbing pains, inability to string complete thoughts, stuttering, changes in eyesight, words and lines of text blurring together on a page, random sweating episodes that start and stop unexpectedly, excellerated hair growth on my legs and underarms, frequently changing body odor-like hourly sometimes, random twitching of muscles, sensitivity to sight, sound, etc. severe all over pain that strikes suddenly and can last hours or days, extreme thirst, joint pain, unexpected and sudden violent bouts of diariah, severe fatigue, unexplained bouts of claustraphobia in strange places, random swelling of body parts, confusion, mood changes, suddenly hot or cold, blood pressure and sugar changes throughout the day, balance problems, sudden weakness, dropping things, memory loss, looking at everyday objects and suddenly not knowing what they are or how to use them. skin crawling, shaking all over, things suddenly going blurry, repeating myself and not knowing it. PAIN, everywhere, mind blurring pain, everywhere at once. I'm going insane. suddenly feeling high or fuzzy all over. hearing white noise in my ears......I don't know what to do....

  • You should be going straight to a doctor with all those symptoms, I don't think anyone on this forum is qualified to give any diagnosis, only a doctor will give you the answers.


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