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Long Nights, Longer Days

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  • Long Nights, Longer Days

    Just out of curiosity does anyone know what can treat chronic insomnia? I had another night last night with this. I finally dozed off at 7:30 only to wake up confused and delirious at 10:30. I try everything from listening to nature sounds to hot baths. I wear an eye mask I love and I keep a fan running too nearby.
    When after some time lying awake I take OTC sleep aids that more often than not don't work. The mornin is when I can tell I taken them from the extra load of grogginess. I take them out of desperation, knowing that sometimes they do work. It just isn't all the time. I dont mess around in my room until bedtime, unless cleaning or putting things away, etc.
    I like to go running but when my insomnia kicks up its hard to do anything, hence the title. I eat good though and try even harder on the times my insomnia flares up to still be active and eat right.
    It flares up about once or twice month lasting about 8 to 10 days. I typically get about 2 hours or less a night during this time.Because it happens so often I never take for granted a good night's sleep. I have tried everything apart from going to a sleep center for testing.
    My difficulties are both going to sleep and staying asleep. And the type of challenge would seem to give me quite a variety. One night I would wake up about 4am and face that for a couple weeks. Then after roughly a week I could start having problems going to sleep.
    I have found that watching old black and white movies are a bonus. I just turn onto an old channel that goes from one black and white movie to another. However, I found the mt it gets me is an hour of sleep. I use that on my really desperate nights when nothing else is helping.
    I also am single and live on my own so no one can tell me ,past bfs even, my sleep pattern. Example, snoring, though I dont believe i do.
    I'm desperate for help and any advice would be great! Thanks!

  • Vigorous exercise is pretty much a guarantee that I will sleep well. If I do cardio and weight training I sleep like a baby and wake up refreshed.
    "Those sowing seed with tears
    Will reap with a joyful shout." - Psalm 126


    • I have had insane insomnia since I was 13 and now I'm 28.

      Doral is the best but currently hard to get because it just changed manufacturer and getting it prescribed is difficult because doctors have never heard of it. Short term klonopin will knock you on your ************ at a high enough dose but again there are prescribing issues because for anxiety they never go over 2mg and for insomnia 4-6mg is often needed. I take 6mg when I rotate it in. Now away from the benzos mirtazapine is good but will give you a weird headache for a couple days and tends to quit working quickly. Trazadone sometimes works well and longer than the others I've mentioned except doral but it's hit or miss what it does. Sometimes it will actually make you more energetic instead. Amitriptyline sometimes works for awhile but it's barely worth trying for long term. Very effective long term drugs are the antipsychotics. Most especially seroquel (which doctors hand out like candy) or thorazine. These have high side effects though and long term diabetes and weight gain are major concerns so they are best reserved for when the antidepressents start to fail.

      You will need to rotate drugs. They will lose effectiveness. Although I took seroquel and lunesta for 3 years successfully. Otherwise I've spent more than 10 years rotating meds. Right now I take seroquel, trazadone, gabapentin (weak sleep aid but helps stop the dreams other meds can cause), and a benzo. I rotate the benzo. I was also taking a small amount of thorazine but raised the seroquel and cut it out because it can make me feel depressed the next day. Plus they frown on taking 2 drugs from the same class at once.

      There is a new med coming out. We're just waiting on fda approval of the new dosage amounts. It worked in 100% of people, had no side effects except daytime drowsiness at high doses (that's why the fda told them to go back and lower it before submitting for approval), and in a long term study continued to work without the need to rotate to another medication. We've been following it for the past year and it's finally close to being available. Cross your fingers. This will change the lives of all of us with insomnia.


      • My problem is meds just don't work that well for me. I have been on prescription stuff with little help. Trazedone was the number one px sleep med I was on in my early twenties. I'm thinking that the only option left is a sleep study. Whatever it takes. I am dizzy and my hands are shaking, common when I start missing too much sleep. Thanks for the advice.


        • I've had this problem since I can remember but switching out meds sounds like a possibility. Going to try Zzz quil taken with some liquor for tonight. I will gather information on a sleep center as well. The only reason to think on one of those places is for a possible reason. A reason that if simply avoided or altered might lead to a lifelong cure. Maybe I'm wanting too much?
          That new drug sounds good. I would love to see if I can get on it when it comes out. Until then I will work on going to a sleep center.


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