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unexplained breast pain

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  • unexplained breast pain

    for the last few days i've my breasts have been very sore, only when touched of course, and i'm not feeling any other pain otherwise. my bras aren't feeling too tight, and the ones that i have that are a little too large for me are still too large as well, so i know that they aren't swollen. i know for sure i'm not pregnant. when i have sex, we always use a condom and always check it for holes or tears after we're done. there have never been any. while i was ovulating, there was barely any discharge at all, anyways.
    my period is a week away so i don't know if it could be related to that, but i have never felt this kind of soreness for this long or this early before my period before. anyone have any suggestions for me?
    also, if it helps, i'm 20 and i've never been pregnant before. i'm not on any birth control at the moment either.

  • Hormones fluctuate for various reasons and sometimes cause symptoms. It could be you had a bit more or less sex than usual or got a little more or less sleep than usual or have more or less stress in your life than usual... One reason I like birth control is because these things don't affect me. My hormones are always the same. No mysterious symptoms and unpredictability.


    • a bit of an update:
      i started bleeding yesterday, three days early from my actual due date. first it was barely even there, but i was cramping like it was a normal period. later on at night it got a lot heavier and i was passing big clots, and that continued on through the day today, and now i'm not bleeding as much again. my period has been very abnormal like that ever since i skipped a month due to stress, but i'm not sure if i should be worried or not. my breasts aren't really hurting at all anymore and i did take a first response pregnancy test just in case and that was negative, but should i be worried about possibly being pregnant?


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