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New to Forum... Inflamed Urethra

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  • New to Forum... Inflamed Urethra

    The outer glands around my urethra are horribly inflamed. I'm fairly certain it's not a uti... I can't see a doctor as I can't pay the co-pay or medicine, get insurance, or get gov't care at the moment. I don't have enough for transportation or anyone who can take me because we don't have a car or anybody here who can.

    It started about three weeks ago after sex. My boyfriend and I have been having protected sex since the end of June, and for ten days back in March prior to my cross country move... I didn't follow standard procedure of using the rest room before and after to prevent a uti yet had absolutely no issues. I did get a uti after my period in August due to some heavy labor and sweating into the pad which I was able to take care of at home. No problems. It went away with no issue. We resumed having sex as normal; though I took precautions this time to prevent it. Starting about four weeks ago I had the urge in my outer urethra to urinate seconds after I went. No pain or anything else... just a bit of a tickle. I treated it as a uti... after a week it felt gradually better though I suspect it lasted much longer due to irritation from acidity. Felt okay for two days, and had sex with my boyfriend. Bam. Comes back, mildly, but it comes back.

    A couple days in there is pressure from both my abdomen and also my backside, and in my vaginal canal (it felt like something very heavy was pushing down near the entrance,) along with little to no discharge which is extremely unusual for me. Eventually I had a small bowel movement after a few days of constipation from eating packaged soup due to no other food being available. I immediately felt some relief and everything went back to normal. Well, seeing as I was symptom free for a couple days and attributed the cause to constipation causing pressure on bladder, resumed sexual activity as usual, and my discharge returned to normal that day assuming the infection, if there was one, would be gone since I had given it a couple days after I felt better. Again it happens. Although this time there is noticeable friction burn which is also irritating.

    Since I live with my boyfriend, I asked him weeks ago if we could go to the Er using the Emergency insurance my father has me under.. he told me to wait two days to see if corrects itself.. after it came back, he attributed it to my caffeine though I have been a staunch tea drinker for a decade, and have never had this happen. So I've cut caffeine out, save for one cup, as an experiment and still had these issues. I should also add that I contacted my father about the emergency insurance and he was absolutely no help. I have never had these problems except after I begun having sex. My boyfriend and I are both clean, as he is my first partner, and I am his third, we always use protection, I keep my hands away from my regions afterwards on the rare chance of getting pregnant from a stray sperm, we don't 'dry hump', always check the condoms, and I never touch myself after pleasuring him as a preventative measure. I don't have diabetes as far as I know, nor does it run in my family. Sometimes when we have sex my boyfriend tends to hit my bladder in all positions, and my educated guess would be there is some trauma from both the condoms and that. I change my undergarments regularly, and I keep everything downstairs clean, I even washed myself lightly after peeing each time to prevent bacteria from my pee reinfecting the area.. I use tampons for the heavier portion of my periods and change them when necessary within the 4-8 hour recommended time frame, although I have to do it more frequently as I bleed through them regularly. In between the latest bout which started yesterday morning, the urge to urinate went away but there was obviously irritation in the urethra as I noticed it whenever I moved into a sitting position that pressed my legs against my nether regions. It was a similar sensation, but without the urge to urinate with it. I am also not producing enough moisture in my canal or around the general area.. it feels very, very dry. Normally I have excessive discharge.

    My best guess as to what is causing this is stress (I have anxiety and have for most of my life, especially nearing my period, and for the past year have had severe attacks at least two or three times in a month due to abusive conditions set by my mother which is why I moved out. For reference, I am 20, and he is 21.), poor diet, possibly light muscle atrophy, OR a reproductive condition such as endrometriosis (spelling?) which apparently runs on my mothers side, as she had it as well as a 25% chance for cervical cancer due to precancerous cells before a hysterectomy. I read that apparently in some cases this causes the described symptoms above. I don't know what else to do. I have taken all the necessary precautions to prevent UTI's, Pregnancy, and other conditions within reasonable control. I am at my wits end.

    Before I forget, it only happens if I don't empty my bladder completely now. If I empty my bladder completely in a long continuous stream there are no noticeable aftereffects... if I drink too much water not emptying my bladder each visit becomes an issue.

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