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prolactin levels

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  • prolactin levels

    Hey everyone......
    I am new on this site and an really hoping that I can get some insight and any related experiances that can help me. Let me give a bit of background about me, I am 32 yrs old and was failry healthy till I was 19, at that age I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitus. Then about 3.5 yrs ago I started experiancing sever menstral cramps, irregular periods....Now with saying that I have been ont he pill since the age of 17. They did diagnose me with endimetriosis, but very minor, I have had 2 laporoscopes and my docotr told me after the last one that there was really no damage or scaring from the procedure and that getting pregnant would be no harder for me then anyone else. She had me take my birth control pill on a constant basis so I never got a period. I did stop taking the pill though around feb '06 as I was just tired of all the pills I was on , and felt that my body needed a break, and if the cramps and such got bad again I would go back on them....Well I got my period like regular, it was all normal...The last period I had was in june sometime, so I thought I might have been pregnant, but I wasnt, I didnt think much of it as I did have a history of having irregular periods. About a month ago, I notice something leaking from breast, it looked to be milk. I went to my doctor, she said it was probably because I had high prolactin levels, so I had a blood test, I am not sure how high they were. She also asked me some questions looking for other symptoms like if I had been experincing headaces, which I had for sometime now, almost on a daily basis , and she asked if I was nauseaus or was getting sick...and I had been experiancing that as well, but I attributed that to my colitus as sometimes when I have flares up I get sick....So she told me from what she though I could have a tumor/cyst on my pituatary glan, which was causing my prolactin levels to be high as well as the other things I was experiancing, so I had an MRI on sept 16/06 and am waiting to hear the results. I know there is surgery that they can do to remove it as well as more drugs....But i feel so frustrated, I desperatley want to have a baby, and I guess I am scared that I will never have any....which is why i dont want to mess with any more drugs, I would rather they go in and take it out....does anyone know anything about this prolactin thing, how it effects you....is it totally impossiable to get pregnant if they are high, and if you do is it dangerous?? And yesterday I wake up and I am spotting, but I am still lactating......right now I am feeling pretty down.

  • i went to the gps about 3 weeks ago as i found a lump on my breast and a tiny bit ov milky looking liquid when i sweezed my nipple and my period lasted a day or so im all so on the pill and i ad a period on th day i was to start takeng my pill again so did a blood test and it came bk that my prolactin level was borderline im going bk 2 c my doc on the 21 /11/2007 can i ask wot was your results and what happends next


    • Similar situation

      Hello there. Ur situation sounds very smiliar to mine. Just that i dont get as much milk leaking from my nipples. Bout 1.5 years ago i had 2 different history of faint. I fainted the last time in the bathroom and had severe headache. I had an MRI done and at first the doc told me i had a tumor on my pituituary gland. I was so upset. After more CT scans and mri, it was confirmed that its actually a hemmorage. So yeah i get tired easily, headaches and all cause my prolactin level is disturbed. I used to get very little discharge on my nipples but never realized what it was until the doc asked. However my periods are regular, tou its shorter like 3-4 days. My discharge is much lesser now. But i still have to go for regular blood test etc etc. the doc told me in the beginning that it would be hard for me to concieve or i might get another hemmorage while delivering. But during the last visit, they told im back to normal. Im not under any medications or whatsoever. So, stay calm, being stressed disturbs the prolactin as well.


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