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Genital Warts

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  • Genital Warts

    A few questions as I think I might have genital warts. Reason to believe is, I have noticed some small bumps just inside kinda around the cilteris area. They do not hurt or itch but I can easy feel them although they are not obvious to look at.

    Can my doctor diagnose and treat or will I have to go to GUM clinic?
    Is it easily treated and how?
    I cant be sure how long I have had these bumps so what lasting harm can it do when not treated?

    Thank you for any help.

  • A doctor should be able to diagnose them if they are genital warts, a GUM clinic would be fine too so either really. I believe they either paint them with a liquid to burn them off or give you immune boosting meds these days. I had genital warts about 20 years ago and had to go have them painted once a week for 12 weeks until all visible signs were gone and while it was very inconvenient to have to keep going it wasn't a big deal really. It is something you definitely should go and get diagnosed though as they do need treating if these lumps are warts.


    • That does not sound good at all but I will definatly get them treated.

      Maybe a silly question but can they spread to other areas of the body?


      • Genital warts are generally a, soft, cauliflower-like, flesh-coloured or white lumps in or around your vagina, or bottom. There can be just one, or several in a clump. They can sometimes also grow deep inside your vagina and rectum where you can’t see or feel them. Your doctor may put a weak vinegar solution on the lump: it will turn white if it is a wart. The doctor may take a small piece of the wart and have it tested.
        Women may also have HPV diagnosed when they have a Pap smear test.

        Whilst you are waiting to see the doctor, keep the area dry... being moist and damp make them worse and they may start to itch, if they are genital warts. Naturally, don't have intercourse and if you find out that they are you should tell the person you last had sex with.

        Here's some information I found for you:-
        • keeping the area clean and dry;
        • sitting in a salty bath; or
        • using zinc oxide cream (ask your doctor or chemist).
        Treatment of genital warts

        Currently, there is no treatment for the virus, but there are several for the warts; your doctor will help you choose the best approach for you.
        • Freezing: liquid nitrogen is put on the warts. It will feel very cold, then throb and burn. A blister will form. Don’t touch or break the blister; it will heal in a few days. Keep it clean and dry. This treatment is usually used for large warts.
        • Chemical paint: a chemical solution is painted on the warts. It may be a bit painful or cause a burning feeling for a few days. This method is used for small warts. Tell your doctor if you are pregnant: some wart paints cannot be used at this time.
        • Cream: you may be given a cream that you put on the warts or around your genitals and bottom over several weeks. It makes the skin peel off, along with the wart. It is generally not as irritating as the chemical paints. Cream is useful if there are a lot of warts. There is also a cream for genital warts that works by improving the immune system’s response to HPV.
        • Burning: you will be given an injection to make that area numb, then the doctor will use a hot wire or laser to burn off the wart. This treatment is usually used for large warts.
        Follow your doctor’s instructions carefully. You may need several treatments to get rid of the warts. Bear in mind that genital warts can come back in the first 2 years after treatment, especially in the first 3 months. If this happens you may need to be treated again.


        • Hi again, yes they can spread to other areas. I first noticed one on my leg and went to get that looked at which led to a pelvic exam and the doctor informing me I had lots in the vagina. As far as having them painted goes, it sounds worse than it is. I anticipated it burning badly and being a nightmare of pain and soreness but actually the paint only burns slightly for a few seconds then stops and after a period of time (I can't remember how long, it was 20 years ago!) you have to wash it off to prevent it burning more than the wart off. It doesn't hurt as much as you think it will. Mine never came back either, I was told to keep an eye out for them for 10 years and had to have yearly paps for that amount of time too but back then they didn't test for strains of HPV so nowadays I assume you'd only go for yearly paps if you test positive for one of the dangerous strains.


          • Well thank you for soooo much information, it was starting to get a bit scary there but Sarah you have reasurred me that it isnt as bad as it sounds. I am going on monday to see if it is genital warts and will see what happens after that.

            Thank you.


            • You're very welcome, it isn't anything to get worried about even if it is warts. In recent years there seems to have been alot of scaremongering about warts even though way back when I had them they were aware of the connection between some strains of HPV and cervical cancer it was treated like no big deal and a case of get them treated and have more regular smears. They estimate at least half the population have some strain of HPV but the people who get visible warts tend to be a bit rundown so make sure you look after yourself well too. Let me know how you get on.


              • Change the appearance of genital warts depends on their specific areas in their development process. They will first appear as very small light-colored dots. Mature external genital warts are usually flesh-like, and in normal skin significantly raised, showing a cauliflower shape. They may be easily broken, bleeding and itching. Warts will appear in the individual parts of the body, clods, or including the genital area (penis, vagina and anus internal) and the oral cavity, and a variety of areas. Genital wart virus infection in human nipple during the low probability of disease. In order to check the external genital warts, men need to see a doctor urology, women depends obstetrician. External genital warts is also known as pointed wart, condyloma, pointed wart or venereal warts
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                • Went to the doctor this morning.

                  He says that he does not see anything that he believes are genital warts. Im a little confused now as these little bumps were not there before. Can they occur simply because of stress? I am having a rather stressful time atm.

                  I also had my smear test today so if it is anything else will that show up with in smear test?

                  These are all questions you kinda forget to ask when your naked from the waist down lol.

                  So another questions on smear tests. How often should you get a smear test?


                  • Hi, I don't know if it varies in different countries or for women of different ages but I believe I get called in every 3 years now for a smear test. The smear test is pretty much just to look for abnormal cells so if it's an STI etc it won't be revealed by a simple smear test because they aren't looking for it. I think HPV is sometimes seen on smear tests though.

                    If you're still worried about these lumps I would suggest a visit to a GUM clinic as they are far more used to seeing things like this than a GP.


                    • My doctor did tell me that he has seen a lot of cases of genital warts and he cant see any cause for concern. Perhaps I am just over worried lol. If more lumps appear or get worse I shall got to a GUM clinic.


                      • I found out I had genital warts about four months ago. The news hit me like a hammer! I've only been with three guys before so I guess it can happen to anyone. In terms of treatments, I tried a few products being promoted all over the internet and they're useless. One actually burnt like and after I emailed them to complain I didn't get a response. A friend of mine who is a naturopath told me that green tea is a great natural treatment for a variety of warts...including genital warts. I took her advice and I'm now using a product that uses both green tea and ozone (I think). My warts are now gone but I know that they'll appear again because they cannot be cured completely.

                        My advice would be to check all your options with your GP and if you're scared of surgical procedures, burning etc...look for natural alternatives. Most importantly, learn from my experience and check out the guy's penis before touching it!


                        • In choosing the right treatment, I suggest that you check with your doctor first. I used Zerowarts cream because my doctor said that we'll observe the results first before proceeding to a clinical treatment. I negotiated because I can't tolerate pain that much so I'm quite scared. lol Anyway, the cream caused my warts to fall off eventually. The doctor didn't have to insist on the clinical treatment. She just told me to keep on taking vitamins and supplements for my immune system.
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                          • That's good news, Vixen. I had genital warts before, and it was not a pleasant experience. Thankfully, I got rid of them with an effective OTC treatment (Wartscide). Didn't the doctor tell you what the bumps were if they weren't genital warts? You may ask for a second opinion if you like. It's best to see a OB/GYN or go to a GUM clinic to be sure.


                            • I had a mild case a few years ago but my gp gave me the all clear a few months back. It's confusing because u read so much that says u have them forever but my system fought them off and a pap smear confirmed I was all clear. So if it is don't stress they may come and go for a few months but they leave your system eventually on their own. Not very nice mainly due to stigma. Mine were only slightly irritating and no different looking to a couple of tiny skin tags
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