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sick vagina...

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  • sick vagina...

    so I thought I had a yeast infection for 2 years and went to doctor after doctor and they kept saying yes I did have a yeast infection.. but nothing they gave me seemed to work it would just work for a while then always come back.. one doctor said that she noticed something strange about my yeast under the microscope.. that it was larger than normal and thought it was a rare strand.. another doctor said I didn't have a yeast infection on that particular day and that she thought I had something called vulvadynia and to try a special low oxalate diet.. I just ate really healthy and this seemed to have an effect but not take care of the ichy burning feeling I have mostly everyday. I have been tested for all STD's and have been negative until a month ago when they diagnosed me with Herpes type 1 saying that about 80% of the population has this type and it is not harmful that it can be spread just by drinking after someone with the virus. They gave me Valtrex and some sort of cream to apply vaginally.. I have been taking the pills for almost 3 weeks now and haven't noticed any difference and the cream only causes temporary relief.. I get these tiny cuts almost like paper cuts on the inside of my labia majora and on my perineum also on my anus.. it is very embarrassing to talk about but it has been going on for almost 4 years now and is very uncomfortable I have a boyfriend and am scared to give it to him.. I just avoid contact when it is really bad.. without any explanation.. doctors seem to be clueles.. HELP!

  • OMG

    i think that i am in your situation. i itch almost everyday, until recently i had been told that it was yeast, then they said that i didnt have yeast anymore and that i had a lot of that good bacteria, so i got tested for herpes and im waitin for the results. ive never had bumps, just itch and discomfort. i dont know what to do, im so nervous.


    • I don't know if you still check the board or not, but you should really find a gyn that deals with pelvic pain issues. A good physical therapist that deals with pelvic floor dysfunction would be key too. Have you looked into vulvodynia? What you are describing sounds like it to me. Those cuts you get could be from a lack of estrogen. This doesn't always show up on a hormone panel, but women have had success using an estrogen cream called estrace. Just a little bit applied in the affected area 1x/ day can help rebuild and strengthen the tissue.


      • similar symptoms

        as it turns out, for the past year or so, I've been suffering from a reocurring "something" which is driving me crazy! my symptom is mainly light discomfort and itchyness, plus those cuts you mention. sometimes i feel i'm lubricating too much and others the complete opposite. so, my doc has given me every medication know to man for Yeast... which I'm positive this is not that! My last visit was a month ago, and now he claims its an allergy...but we don't know to what! so more medication...and nothing... it comes back every month..around the same time. usually after sex or period.
        i just read a thread about chronic vaginosis that sounds similar (except for the fishy odor) and they're recommending a drug to fix your PH balance "reutrei". i've read that docs sometimes claim yeast infection which is overpopulation of candidiasis bacteria...but it could be just the opposite, and has everything to do with lactilobus balance. so yeast medicine will actually just make it worse! a vaginal culture would be best to see what your PH balance looks like when you're at your worst.
        i'll try the reuteri this week... and let you know how it goes.


        • Bambola,

          Candida is a yeast not bacteria. It likes a low ph. Bacterial vaginosis likes a higher ph. The doc should always check your ph, do a 'whiff' test and a wet prep slide. Also, if you are having repeat or recurring symptoms, they should not, I repeat should NOT treat you for yeast without a positive culture. The chemicals used to treat yeast can cause even more problems and pain when your body reacts to them.

          To determine if you have an allergy to something, you should first remove all possible irritants. No fabric softener, no drier sheets (the chemicals are awful), use detergent that is free of all chemicals and dyes (like All Free), wear only white cotton underwear. No tight clothes, thongs. Sleep without underwear. Do not use soap to clean yourself water and your fingers are sufficient. Over cleaning when you have your period can also cause irritation. Don't use Always pads. They are known to cause problems. To ease the irritation you can use a thin barrier like crisco shortening, olive oil, I like coconut oil the best. It is supposed to have some antimicrobial activity. It's also good for use before using a tampon, it decreases friction.

          It is really best to seek medical help from a doc who deals with chronic pain/vulvo vaginal issues. It's best to get a whole body picture too. How your skeletal structure is put together, how you move. Are there any tight, weak muscles? You would be suprised at how tight muscles in one area or pinch nerves can cause specific vulvo vaginal pain. There is a lot of helpful information on the yahoo group vulvar disorders. Keep track of your symptoms. What you did before the got worse. What you ate etc. Gluten sensitivity, too much sugar or alcohol can also create 'yeast like' symptoms.

          You have to play detective to determine what your specific cause is. Good luck.


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