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I'm writing this on behalf of my wife. She needs help.

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  • I'm writing this on behalf of my wife. She needs help.

    I am writing this on behalf of my wife because I have recently lost my job and have a lot more time than she does to do these type of things. I have also had a lot of health issues myself (panic attacks) and it seems a lot of her free time has been taking care of me. I'm hoping that this post can point us in the right direction to get her help.

    My wife is an immigrant to the US. She is originally from Iran. In 2009 I met my wife. In 2010 we got married. Around this time we noticed two things. One, she had a yeast infection and two, she had what was thought of as a septate hymen. The first doctor she went to was very aggressive and rude. She was not comfortable with it at all so we quickly went to another facility.

    The next place we went to was friendlier and understood her more. She was told that she did in fact have a yeast infection and a septate hymen. This was in 2010.

    It is not 2012 and she still has a yeast infection. She has seen a doctor nearly every month if not every other month at this same facility and they have given her creams and pills that didn't work. Months ago they started to give her some of the same medicine they had before to "try again".

    Unfortunately now we have lost health insurance. I lost my job in February. She called the facility and they told her that they would recommend her to a specialist but to do that she needed to come into one more appointment that we had to pay for out of pocket. That seems really unfair since we've been so many times before. However, they said they refused to refer unless she came in one more time.

    My biggest problem with all of this is that the problem has went from yeast to bacteria back and forth. My wife experiences constant itching and has to wear pads daily. It has made sex hurt for her. I feel so bad for her and I want to do anything I can to help.

    My questions are this:

    1. Is it possible to have a yeast infection forever?

    2. Is it possible to have a yeast infection change to a bacteria infection over and over again forever?

    3. Who would a women see if their gynecologist wasn't helping them?

    4. Is there anything over the counter that can be used to test for yeast/bacteria and treat yeast/bacteria?

    5. What are some important things we should know to help stop this?

    6. Has anybody had similar issues that eventually came across medication that helped them?

    7. Could birth control be causing this?

    I can't think of anymore questions but any help you guys/gals can give me will be so greatly appreciated. Thank you all.

  • I find that plain yogurt helps me (applied/inserted), and that wearing pads daily will cause more problems than it solves. However, this seems like a very long time for things to have been going on for a Dr. to wait this long to have her see a specialist. Do you have any planned parenthood clinics in your area? They may be able to help her out.


    • So I have dealt with my own struggle with yeast (Candida)

      1. Change diet. Is she eating a lot of sugars and milk?
      2. Taking acidophilus pills helps me(look in the vitamin section at any store). once I start to notice I'm getting it I take a few capsules a few times a day until it goes away
      3. Taking antibiotics will kill ALL the bacteria, not just the yeast. We need the good to overthrow the bad. So after taking something that kills off all of you you need to replace it with acidophilus and change diet for a while
      4. Taking Oil of Oregano (found in the aromatherapy area of a store) Will be a good way to naturally kill the bad stuff. Its gross to ingest but proves to work in a few days. You take a dropper and mix one or two drops diluted into water and do this several times a day. I usually drink this 3 or 4 times a day. After a few days then have her start the acidophilus pills.
      5. Take acidophilus regularly once a day even if nothing is going on. It prevents it from coming back as often.
      6. Shower regularly
      7. Wearing cotton underwear so the vagina can breathe
      8. Don't douche. This makes it worse.
      9. Don't use harsh soaps when washing down there. sensitive skin only kind of stuff works like Dove fragrance free..
      10. Women are sensitive to stress. It will break down our immune systems and will let candida flourish. this one is tricky. We all have stress. Its hard to be happy when your vagina is mad.

      I have heard of the tampon thing but skipped doing that unless I'm inflamed. Now I got it down I can tell when I'm about to get it again and just take the Acidophilus and stop eating sugar.

      Hope this helps!
      attitude..it follows us around. It can be like a smelly sock or a sweet perfume. Others can tell. Be confident.


      • Thank you for your quick responses. In response to rosekitten, I don't know why the doctor waited so long to refer her. I didn't know that inserting yogurt was even an option. Do you have any links to explain how this is done exactly? Could wearing pads every day hurt her in anyway? I know the vagina needs to be able to breathe and I would assume the pads hinder the bodys ability to do so. What would she do for discharge if not pads?

        In response to Peacheskreme

        1. Neither of us have focused on our diet since we were married. We both need to cut down the sugars and she does have milk every morning with her breakfast.
        2. I'll read more about acidophillus online. Is this something that you should take all the time or just certain times?
        4. What do you mean its gross to ingest? Does it give you stomach problems?
        5. I think you answered my question for #2 here
        6. She does
        7. She does this as well
        8. She doesn't do this but I found out today that she does use alcohol wipes occasionally.
        9. We have been doing that

        Thank you both for your responses. I really appreciate it.


        • Hi Whitehouse, welcome to the Forum.

          Yeast infections pass back and forward to each other and could be the reason why she can't get rid of it.

          So whilst she has it and is using cream, if she has sex with you, it passes also onto you and most times for some reason guys don't realise, that bacteria goes back naturally into her, and so the cycle continues...

          I would suggest that she try the one day tablet for thrush available I believe over the counter and that she refrains from sex for a week.. See if it clears up but you also have to use the cream for a week... As, the bacteria lurks.

          If she can't handle the itching, to help... Salt heals all wounds but be careful, just 1/2 teaspoon in a coffee cup size of warm water, and a teaspoon of vinegar.. the vinegar helps stop the itching, salt helps heal.. Warm water a must.


          • For the yogurt, it's the method I use, but I've never had extensive yeast problems, so it may not help. At any rate, it's gross to do, so if she's squeamish, it may not be worth trying. I apply plain yogurt (no flavors, nothing, just plain regular yogurt) by hand, and actually press some inside as well. You can fill a tampon tube (minus tampon) with yogurt as an applicator as well. As for the pads, wearing them every day not only prevents proper breathing, but those pads are full of chemicals and junk, and then hold in all the bad bacteria, and then just allows it to grow more. If she has to wear them for discharge during say, work hours, look into making some out of just cotton/flannel (I can PM you a tutorial if you'd like). These will be much better on her, because they won't have all the ick that's associated with manufactured pads. I know when I had my period, the week that I had it I was always miserable and irritated, until I switched to plain fabric pads. It may help. Also, go free (no panties) as often as possible. This will allow a lot of breathing. Wearing cotton panties, and loose cotton pants (while at home with no panties) should help too.


            • I hope I am not too late to answer. Candida, is quite the issue for many women and men. Its like having a yeast infection all the time.

              Change the diet. Try to cut out starchy foods, and add more dairy products.

              And Chandlers wish is right...You could be carrying it. Get treated as well.

              For relief, I have stuck (and this sounds gross) a clove of garlic tied with strong string up my vagina. It works! I usually only leave it up there for....two hours.

              Acidophyllus (spelling...eep) should be taken ALL the time, one pill daily.

              DO NOT USE ANY SOAP DOWN THERE. You can on the outside parts...but not on the more sensitive skin. Just warm water works.

              Totally agree on the cotton panties. 100 percent cotton, no silk or anything else. The vagina should be treated like a little human. She needs to breathe.

              Over the counter stuff can work, like the Canesten external cream.

              Seriously, Plain yogurt...cooled, feels great. Garlic will kill the bad bacteria while leaving the good alone ( has the same properties found in the vagina naturally...she may taste the garlic if she decides to try it out). DO NOT USE SOAP! Once again, think of the vagina as a human...nobody likes soap in the eyes, right? And lastly...both of you need to be treated for a yeast infection.
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              • Hello

                The oil of oregano is kinda spicy by nature and if you aren't used to drinking this diluted down mixture it will taste like oregano and will almost feel like it burns the back of the throat when swallowing it if taken with less water and more oil. That's why I suggested to start with one drop in water (4-8 oz)and drink it down. Not 3 or 4. That would be gross. Not only is this good for Candida( yest infections), This also kills off Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) Its when there is a fishy smell and or yellowish discharge. BV is a natural occurance and its embarassing and can be passed back and forth through sex but the woman can get this without sex at all. It just happens and sometimes it goes away by itself.

                Alcohol wipes seems very harsh for the skin, especially the vagina. I recommend you try something more sensitive skin stuff and I have heard of women not using anything but water also as someone else stated. But its kind of hard to wash away discharge when thats happening. Maybe have her wipe any discharge away with a tissue before showering.

                And If you also take the oil of oregano you might be able to treat yourself from passing it back to her. Having sex while having a Yeast Infection is terribly painful. So I'm sure you are kind enough to wait it out.

                Don't take any acidophilus until the oil of oregano is done for at least a few days. Then have to acidophilus taken a few times a day to build the good bacteria back up.

                AFter showering have her air dry her vagina right away or wipe off any extra water immediately after showering. It prevents the vagina from getting damp and helps prevent the reoccurance.

                If she is always having this problem but still wants to have sex use condoms so you don't give it back to her.

                I read this on another forum : Garlic when kept in the vagina overnight will smell in your mouth when you wake up. It also burns the vagina. I wouldn't suggest using more than a clove as others have said it burns a lot but help. I didn't want to wake up reeking from garlic and my vagina really hurting.
                attitude..it follows us around. It can be like a smelly sock or a sweet perfume. Others can tell. Be confident.


                • My wife is from a traditional middle eastern family. They did not tell her much. I believe some of the problems we are experiencing is from her mother not teaching her some of the things a woman needs to know. One things I have noticed since making this post is that my wife hasn't done any of the things that you guys have suggested. It is even more surprising to me that the doctor didn't recommend any of this but I've wondered if maybe the doctor thought that she'd already to know.

                  Since I made this post I have contacted her doctor and the doctor is telling her that there isn't much more they can do. They have referred her to see an infection specialist in a city a few hours away. We don't have health insurance so we are hoping this doesn't destroy our saved funds. This problem needs to be fixed though as I'm sure many of you understand.

                  My question now is if you think we should spend the money that it takes to see this infection specialist or should we try to see the doctor or another doctor one more time and also use some of the suggestions you fine people have given me. I wonder if my wife would have taken the medicine to make the yeast or the BV go away AND we did some of the things that you suggested if we could fix this problem. I'm not sure what we are going to do but thank you all for helping out. I really do appreciate it and so does my wife.


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