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Strange Bumps. Need advice!

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  • Strange Bumps. Need advice!

    I am 23 years old and have only been with one man. We took eachother's virginity, and I have always tested clean for STDs.

    A few weeks ago we were at a McDonald's grabbing a quick lunch. I saw a clear liquid on the top of my soda cup and, assuming it was just some leakage from my drink, started to sip it up.

    It was SPIT.

    Fast forward to now, and on either side of my labia I have two very itchy, stingy bumps. The first one appeared on the left side and looked like a whitehead at first (at least according to my boyfriend, I really need to get a handheld mirror so I can see myself). I've been unfortunate enough to get acne down there before once in the past, so I just took some hot baths and figured that was that. But now there is a second one, on almost the exact other side, and the first one ISN'T going away.

    It hurts and burns almost like a concentrated yeast infection.

    I am terrified. Can you even get stds from spit? I know the cynical reaction for most people is to say, "Is your boyfriend cheating on you?", but trust me, that is not the case at all. And I certainly in full honesty would never do that myself. I don't know what these things are. I have to pay out of pocket for OBGYN services because my insurance is ********, so I would love for this to be treatable over the counter somehow. I naturally have weird little bumps all over my skin down there, mostly around the outside parts of the labia that I've had all my life.

    Are these bumps little glands of some kind that could become infected or clogged? That happens with the sweat glands in my armpit sometimes, and usually hot compresses fixes it.

    Has anyone ever had this problem? I read about Bartholin Cysts, which look AWFUL, and I really hope that's not what these things are, especially since I am not the type of person to be able to be operated on whilst awake, and anesthetic is expensive. In all honesty I HATE hospitals and can barely get my blood taken. The bumps in question are smaller than a pea, and they aren't spherical under the skin, its more of a raised surface, like a pimple would be. The first one definitely had a white head, but the second one, despite me pointing it out, is apparently not visible to the naked eye.

  • Hep******* B can be transmitted through saliva. But the result wouldn't likely be bumps on your vagina. The only std I can think of that would even possibly generate bumps like yo'ure describing would be herpes. And if you've tested clean, and your boyfriend is clean, then no you did not contract genital herpes from the saliva on your cup. It sounds to me like you're just experiencing some sort of irritation or reaction to something you've come in contact with, or are just experiencing a breakout in that area. Are you having any odd colored or foul smelling discharge? Any other symptoms? If not, try leaving the area totally alone for a few days other than bathing. Don't put any ointments on it, or mess with it at all. Keep it dry and clean, and even use some baby powder in your undies. When you're home and able to, let the area get air as much as possible. If the bumps worsen you'll have no choice but to see a doctor. But no, I doubt it's related to the spit. Which by the way.......... **gag**........did you totally freak out when you realized what it was? It made my stomach turn just thinking it. Someone at McDonalds would've had a drink in their face.
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    • Oh good, I've already been Vaccinated for B. And yes, I completely wigged out, absolutely lost my appetite. I threw the drink away almost immediately lol.

      I picked up a mirror today and finally got a good look at it. The first one doesn't have a head anymore (I admit I broke and scratched at it), and the second one looks just like a whitehead. Considering that I often have to walk home in the florida heat, I think that my mind is at ease for now - it's probably some sort of breakout, or maybe even acne. Definitely taking your baby powder advice! Thanks a bunch


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