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I think I have cytolytic vaginosis...how long do I have to do baking soda doucheshttp

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  • I think I have cytolytic vaginosis...how long do I have to do baking soda doucheshttp

    I've been suffering from white clumpy discharge for about a year. I've seen many doctor who have given me a range of treatments for yeast/BV which never worked. My most recent appointment my doctor told me I was absolutely normal and I should stop worrying so much about it.

    THIS IS NOT NORMAL. I was ready to slap her for even saying that to me, after laying out my year long story of desperately trying a hundred different things. apparently if it isn't life threatening, it isn't a problem. I am a medical student and I WILL NEVER scoot patients out the door telling them to ignore a problem if they come to me for help. This is absurd to me.

    I have white clumpy discharge constantly. It accumulates in my underwear throughout the day. IT makes sex uncomfortable and it does itch (though not severely). There is no foul odor.

    I did some research and decided to try baking soda douches in case I had CV.

    I have done 2tbs baking soda / 4 cups of water for two nights in a row now. I usually put a little bit of preseed in every morning when I wake up also. I know douching is bad, so I am extremely careful that I am not so much rinsing out the area as just making sure it is infiltrated with the solution- very low pressure flow when I do it

    Generally I do not have much discharge when I wake up in the morning and check with my finger, but by noon both days so far there has been white discharge in my underwear again. Also, it tends to itch uncomfortably right after the douche.

    It does not seem to be getting worse, but not curing it either. How long should I keep doing this? does anyone have experience with this...how long does it take before you don't have to do this anymore, or at least not regularly?

    I'm worried I will do damage if I keep doing this nightly for too long, but I don't want to stop if it is FINALLY going to cure me.

    Any insight would be appreciated thank you!

  • Yeast Infection May Be CV

    I completely relate to your symptoms and your experience with doctors, mvd24. Have you found any relief yet? I'm going to try douching with baking soda every other day for two weeks, per another post I read recently. I totally agree about it being abominable that doctors are pushing us out the door and telling us "it's normal" to have sour, pasty white discharge (which used to be transparent and thin & never tasted bad before), and an itchy vagina (AB-normal for any woman). And, this "yeast infection" has gone on for 2 years after trying boric acid suppositories, various Rx creams, Gentian violet, peroxide, lemon juice, Diflucam (been on it almost a year), going off my birth control pill, taking herbal supplements, wearing only cotton near my lady parts, taking Florajen, drastically changing my diet, and taking herbal supplements and vitamins. I am on a generic form of yasmin birth control but it never gave me problems in the last 15 years so why now? FYI, this all began when I started a new relationship after being celibate for almost 2 years. For some reason, all hell broke loose in my lady parts after we messed around (not even having sex yet). We both got a slew of tests only to find we were both completely healthy, except I just "unfortunately" got a yeast infection that doesn't go away. That answer is not good enuf! Our sex life sux because of this issue! Plus, I'm totally mortified and feel ugly and disgusting when I let myself think about it. My hope with trying the baking soda douche is that it will cure me of CV if that is what I have. If it's not, it should grow more yeast so it will be clear that the problem really IS yeast, but just a strain that is difficult (impossible?) to cure. Will probably stop taking birth control if that's the case. And I've read some other herbal remedies which may help.


    • Please, please ladies, tell how this worked out/ is working out for you. I started these symptoms 6 months ago and I can already see that getting back to normal is going to be an up hill battle. And my gyno had no clue about CV. Infuriating.


      • So apparently I don't have CV because douching for two weeks with baking soda did nothing. What's weirder tho, is that it also didn't make my symptoms worse, which is what should have happened if I have a yeast infection. One possible reason is that I've been on Diflucam for so long it kept the "thriving" at bay? I read on a forum that there are such places as "Vaginosis Clinics", so I Googled them in my area and did find one. Have an appt in a few weeks. The docs at these places specialize in issues affecting our "V" area, so it's at least hopeful that they can do more precise testing to see what is going on. From what I read, not all women has success in curing their issues even when treated by these specialists, but some did.


        • One of the things you can do to stop the itch is to get some Betamethazone cream. It's a powerful cortisone cream which will help with the itching of the labia minora. However, it also can cause thinning of the tissue and so needs to be used sparingly. There are many other reasons why you are itching (lichen sclerosis for one) and should be investigated further.
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