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Help!! Is this dangerous?

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  • Help!! Is this dangerous?

    Last week was my period. This guy I have been seeing and I decided to have sex anyway, just using the other entrance. Well, I guess during it he slipped and was in my vagina. I thought maybe that had happened because when I got home, I didn't have a tampon in anymore. I was embarrassed thinking that it had fallen out onto his bed sometime during the act. I put another tampon in. My period ended on sunday, a few days after we did the deed. I have noticed a smell down there and could not figure out why, as I have never experienced one before. I have been very uncomfortable the past few days because of it and have had some discomfort. Well, to make a long and embarrassing story short, I found out today that the tampon that was in never fell out like I thought. That was where the smell was coming from and the slight discomfort I have felt. My question is, is that dangerous? I have no idea how it got so far up that I could not find it and I tried to find it. I have a female check up on the 12th, I should mention what happened right? I am very nervous and embarrassed. This has never happened before..

  • If you had TSS, symptoms would probably have shown up by now BUT LOOK OUT FOR FLU-LIKE SYMPTOMS. TSS can kill you.
    Otherwise, just watch out for infections. Any changes from your normal discharges.
    Have you gotten the tampon out? Your body should be able to push it out, more or less, so I'm inclined to believe you pushed it out while going to the bathroom and never noticed.
    Absolutely mention it to your gyno; you are at risk for infections.
    Good luck

    EDIT: By the way, you shouldn't be too embarrassed. I'm sure your gyno has heard it all; these things happen.
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    • Hi kitkat21.

      Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is a serious bacterial infection that can result from having a tampon left in for too long. Tampax says that one tampon shouldn't be worn for more than eight hours. If it's still in your vagina (or even if you're not sure), call your gyn first thing in the morning and let him/her know. You will probably get an emergency appointment to have it removed. As "Little" said, don't be embarrassed to talk to a doctor about it. They've seen it all.
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