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Ovary/Fallopian Pain

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  • Ovary/Fallopian Pain

    In December 2011 I noticed I started "cramping" around my period which had never happened before, and I had been menstruating regularly for the past 6 years. The next month it was a little worse, and it just gradually kept getting worse and worse until it hurt almost 24/7. I went to the doctor and she said it was hormones balancing out and put me on birth control. Six months later it was still really bad, birth control didn't help anything but pretty much making my period non-existent. I went back to her and she had me get an ultrasound to check for endometriosis, she said it was all good. Later I learned you actually can't see endometriosis on an ultrasound, you can only see it through a laparoscopy. So, I went to a gynecologist who said she would bet her career it was a bacterial infection. I took antibiotics for like a week and it still didn't do anything. I'm having trouble finding a good gynecologist that I can trust and an answer to my problem. My pain is mostly my ovaries, it feels like someone is trying to rip them out slowly or like frenzied piranhas are trying to eat them. Both my left and right sides hurt. The pain is sometimes like a pulsating pain, sometimes it is both sides simultaneously, sometimes it is alternating. The pain causes nausea and has actually made me throw up so much it came out my nose. On my left side sometimes the pain shoots straight up from my ovary to my ribs. I have no idea what it is, does anyone else have any ideas? Or does anyone happen to know of a good gynecologist in the Artesia/Carlsbad/Roswell New Mexico area?

  • Definitely sounds like it could be endometriosis. The only way to properly diagnose it is with surgery.


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