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Ovary pain, help?

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  • Ovary pain, help?

    Hello, everyone!

    So I'm a 26 year old female. I'm on the pill and I take it religiously [never miss, never late to take]

    About 3 weeks ago [July 18] during intercourse, my partner hit something inside that caused some pain in my right ovary. This ovary is known for giving me trouble since I get ovarian cysts.

    From that day, I had some pain up until my period last week [Thursday the 8th] My period seemed fine, the blood was red, nothing out of the ordinary. It lasted til about Tuesday. Since Tuesday though, the pain comes back and goes. And now when it comes, it's much more intense!

    I'm going to the doctor next week, but I'm pretty scared since it hurts so much! What can I do?

  • Hello there! I also have ovarian cysts. They can cause all sorts of discomfort, it's unfortunately normal. It's possible that the cyst could of ruptured, this happened to me causing more pain than usual. Cysts rupture, bleed out and cause pain all the time. The only thing you can really do until you see your doctor is take some anti-inflammatory medication, use a heating pad and get some rest. Just keep an eye on it (if pain worsens, unusual bleeding, etc) I hope you feel better.


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