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Is this normal? (BV and ACV use related)

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  • Is this normal? (BV and ACV use related)

    Since I started birth control pills three months ago, trivora 28s, I've been getting BV on and off. I decided to use natural remedies to fight the BV, and I since stopped my BC. (I'm now relying on the rhythm method and lambskin condoms)

    I read that a tampon soaked in ACV, inserted vaginally for a few hours helps the vagina return to normal acidity, thus fighting off the over grown bacteria.

    I tried this last month, 1x a day for a week. No fluid gushes and it worked wonderfully until my menstrual cycle started and ended. I noticed I get BV after my period.

    This month I've done this 2 days in a row 3-4 hour sessions 2x a day. A few hours after removing the tampon, I experience fluid gushes from my vagina.

    The fluid/discharge doesn't smell bad, but it does smell faintly of vinegar lol. Is the fluid gush normal? Am I over doing it with the ACV?

  • Welcome to the Forum

    A little bird told me you would loved to be welcomed and well, "whala" be done ...

    Are you suggesting apple cider vinegar ? A tampon as you know holds fluid once you take that away it's possible that the tampon was overdosed in the liquid. But, I personally and we are no Doctors here, think that you are doing this way too much.

    Vinegar burns itching, natural yeast such as "natural yoghurt" in my opinion is much better for you, it fights bacteria.

    I don't think you need to do it more than once in the morning, once in the evening until cleared.

    Also in my opinion, if there is itching? Then vinegar in a hot bath is very good for that with some sea salt, not too much, salt heals wounds and vinegar as I stated burns the itching ...


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