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Sudden Changes- Not sure if its worth a doctors visit of not

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  • Sudden Changes- Not sure if its worth a doctors visit of not

    Hello All,

    As the title explains, I have had sudden changes with my vagina that are stressing me out. Before I call up the doctor and make a scene I was hoping to describe what is going on and maybe someone can relate or have an idea of what could be going on.This is all very awkward to announce.

    First off, I am 25 years old and have been dating the same man for about 4 years now ( we are sexually active )

    About a month ago I noticed during sex one night that the " fit " felt different. The only way I can describe this ( forgive me ) is that it felt as though his penis was curved. Whatever was in the way in my vagina was not painful at all so it felt more like an awkward fit. I didnt notice it bothering me too much.

    Last week we were going to have sex and it was if my vagina had " closed up " . I could not even fit a finger. I went to examine the situation and again it was if something was blocking the opening. I could feel something on the top of my vagina , inside about an inch or two nearly rock hard. Further back about four inches deep I could feel another hard lump towards the back right.

    Its been over a week now and its the same. It feels swollen and irritate. I dont know if i'm imagining this but I swear I felt like I was urinating a tiny bit throughout the day as well without meaning to.

    I am very paranoid because many women in my family have had cancer , specific to female problems.

    Any thoughts at all on what this could be ??

  • Hey there! Same age. Capricorn. Welcome to the board! ****wish I got a welcome, LOL****

    I say go to the doc. My bestie is the opposite of me, she is the wait and see type. I don't like to sit and wonder so I go for immediate relief. Make an appointment. Could be nothing, could be something, at least you'd know!


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