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Advice please - gyno is clueless!!

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  • Advice please - gyno is clueless!!

    Hi all.

    Here's a little back story to fill you in:

    Two months ago: No pain during sex, went to gyno and was tested for all the usual, had BV. Treated with anti-biotics- went away.

    One month ago: Started having very very painful sex and discharge, went to gyno (saw someone different this time) and was tested for everything. Thrush. By the time I got the results, the discharge was gone so I was told no need to treat it.

    Problem: I still can't have sex! It is just so painful and I feel like I'm being ripped to pieces down there.

    I'm reluctant to go back to the gyno, as quite frankly she was useless last time. She told me it was because I wasn't lubricated enough (which is rubbish, I never have that problem) and to use different condoms (which we don't use anyway!). My BF doesn't finish inside me anymore since I read that semen has a high PH balance.

    I'm going to cut out bread and yeasty things for a while to see if that helps.

    Could the Thrush be causing so much pain? Any advice or stories appreciated.
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  • Yes, it could.

    The other thing, sometimes you are predisposed to certain sexual pain that doesn't come out until after an infection like the one you described. You can also develop allergies. Most GYN do not know about these issues. Only a sexual health expert would know. If you continue to have pain after a few more weeks, I would look for a doctor or nurse practitioner who specializes in sexual health.
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    • The thrush is possible and you should go to a doctor (doesn't have to be a gyno) to check for that.

      Infections and not having sex for awhile can make it painful for awhile. It's odd. I had it happen to me. I had a very stubborn yeast infection. Used a 7day of one type, 7 day of another type of otc med, and then a 3 day of a 3rd type before it went away (I now know what works well). No sex that whole time. When we started up again he had to use lubricant and toys on me first to stretch things out or it would hurt. After 3 or 4 times it didn't hurt anymore.


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