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How long till the Vagina fully heals after Yeast Infection??

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  • How long till the Vagina fully heals after Yeast Infection??

    So I just about got over yeast infection, which was the first time i've ever gotten somthing like that. I already completed the 3 days of tablets the doctor gave me; the final one was 'inserted' last thursday night, the 22nd, so its been a good week. On the following Saturday my husband and I tried to have Sex because I felt better (the itching and dryness had cleared up). Well, instantly It was pretty ******** painful for me, but being stupid, hormonal and young we finished of, and I ignored the pain for the pleasure. (Give me a break, i got the infection during my period, it had been like 2 weeks lol) Well, I regretted that after because ouch!!! It felt like someone had poured fresh molten lava down my pants LOL! Well, Then, the pain was most noticable then on that little fleshy flap on the bottom of your vaginal opening (I THINK its called the top of the perineum?), as well as generally around the area. Peeing was, like i said, like molten lava. I literally felt like I was a virgin again.

    After that, we decided to give it some time because the yeast infection obviously hadn't gone away totally. 5 days later, i.e this thursday, 29th, i felt totally normal down there. I hadn't had any pain, itching, nothing what so ever since healing up from before. So hubby and I tried again. At first, no pain what so ever. It was totally like normal, even when i had to pee inbetween. After about 15/20 min i started to feel a light burning inside but it was nothing close to the pain before. Afterwards i did feel abit of pain when peeing, and the area was sensitive after. Its been a couple hours and its not so bad as it was right afterwards, but im assuming the pain/burning was still the aftermath of the yeast infection??

    Does anyone know how long its going to take before my vagina is completely back to normal inside as well as outside!? I hate feeling totally normal before and during sex (for the most part), but then suddenly its like 'ouch!?!'

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