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16 and Terrified about making an appointment

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  • 16 and Terrified about making an appointment

    I have never been to a Gynecologist and I have never been sexually active but I really need to go. I feel like crying every time I think about what they're going to do. I don't want anyone to look down there let alone feel down there. I am overweight and disgusting. I have had terribly irregular periods since I got it when I was 12. Sometimes I go months without getting it and even when I do, there is barely anything there. Recently its been very dry down there and uncomfortable and I don't know what to do. I REALLY don't want to go. It's so embarrassing. My doctor has recommended I go and so has my mom but I've refused.

  • When my wife was having some irregular bleeding she had concerns about going. They told her that's what they are there for and they see it all the time. They examine vaginas all day and vaginas bleed. They also come in all shapes and sizes, just like the women they are attached to.

    I have different equipment, but I'm not in the greatest shape either and I have been naked in front of doctors and medical staff. I have had devices and fingers probe very uncomfortable places - places where I only like stuff to come out and I don't want strange people to touch.

    If we want to understand what's up with our bodies this is the type of indignity we have to suffer. It's really minor when you think about how important it is to be healthy and how knowledge of your body can benefit you, don't you think? Maybe you can focus on that goal and not the momentary displeasure and embarrassment.
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    • Can you ask to have a parent or good friend to go with you as moral support?

      Honestly, you should really try not to be so self conscious. These are professionals, trained to look at human bodies. They've seen it all, twice, and I guarantee you that anything you have going on downstairs will not phase them. It's uncomfortable going, I'll give you that.. definitely not my FAVORITE activity. However, it goes fast, it isn't the worst, and once you're through the exam (which takes about 15 minutes, really..) you're back on your way. It's more stressful thinking about going than it is to actually have the exam.


      • I was 18 when I got my first gyno check. It was totally unplanned and I had no idea i was going to have to get checked, it was an on the spot thing, but had to be done for the sake of my own health and well being. I was pretty much terrified!! Especially since it had to be done by male! (I'm a practising religious woman, so that was a completely insane thing for me to let any man see me down there!!)
        But once it was over and done with I literally wondered what all the fuss was about!! The doctors are incredibly professional, and in my case hardly looked down there at all.

        You neednt feel uncomfortable about yourself, like KMonte said these are proper professionals and have seen it all before a zillion times. Nothing about you is going to throw them back! When you go behind the curtain, they will leave you alone to prepare, you just take your pants off and put a modesty sheet over your legs so its all covered up anyway! and put your legs on the pedal things, and lay back. I know its easy to get worried, but the more relaxed you are, the easier it is. I wasnt a virgin then, but I cant imagine it would hurt either way, because they put a TON of lubrication on the examining stick/cam that they use to look at your uterus (and the stick is pretty thin also). It is literally painless and over in a few minutes, plus then you have the satisfaction of knowing what the problem is!

        The dryness and irritation you are having sounds a bit like a yeast infection, as i just got over one of those, they are yuck! But nothing to be embarresed about! They aree common and not anything to do with STD's. If it is a yeast infection, As soon as you start treatment you'll feel right as rain in a few days!

        so PLEASE go and get yourself checked out! dont let your shyness keep you in pain... you'll feel alot better knowing what your problem is and certainly alot more omfortable down there! Its much much better to know your healthy and not at risk from anything worse! Some infections can be harmless, but some start out small but if elft untreated can have very bad effects, even leaving you infertile! Your reproductive system is not domthing you want to mess about with especially since your so young and have your life ahead of you! Please dear, do it and get it over with, and you'll wonder what all the fuss was about just like I did! <3


        • First read and study about what will happen during an exam so you are prepared and something unexpected doesn't get sprung on you. Then find a clinician that will be sensitive to your situation. Personally, I prefer nurse practitioners and younger clinicians. They seem to have less of a god complex, but that is just my personal belief. Schedule an appointment but tell them that you don't plan to do a GYN exam yet. Just use the time to get comfortable with the doctor/nurse practitioner. Ask lots of questions. When you are ready, take a friend with you to hold your hand. If your doctor says you can't bring anybody into the room, find somebody else who will allow it.

          Remember, doctors/nurse see people of different body types each day. They are used to seeing all body types and really don't think much about it.
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