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Anyone experience this?

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  • Anyone experience this?

    This is going to be a long write-up, I really have no way to shorten it than to tell the whole story of this.

    Last month, August, I was 9 days late on my period. Unusual for me, normally I'm on time and sometimes MAYBE a day or two late/early. When I started I was in SO MUCH pain, more pain than usual. Normally I'm the type of person I can go to work and stay at work through migraines. I don't like not leaving work but that night I was so dizzy and nauseous and in so much pain I couldn't make it through 2 hours.

    A week later after my period was over I was still in a lot of pain. It wasn't constant, but it came and went and eventually I gave up and went to the ER. I waited 8 hours before seeing a doctor, told him my cervix/right side (what I guess is around my right ovary) hurt a lot. He did a pelvic exam on me and that was it. He basically told me to get tests done would be expensive and to get an ultrasound done would have me there for another few hours because I went in on a weekend and they'd have to call someone in and it would be more expensive since they'd be on call and yada-yada. He diagnosed me with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and told me to see an OBGYN.

    A week later, I'm still in pain even after antibiotics and the OBGYN tells me she things I was misdiagnosed (now, almost a month later, I can completely agree). She does a pelvic exam, a full papsmear, etc. I explain my right side for the last few years has experienced pain on and off, MOSTLY around when I ovulate, sometimes on odd days but mostly around ovulation. She then thinks the pain may be intestinal. I also admitted I hadn't had a papsmear since around 2008/2007 and that one came back abnormal, but it was never looked at further or treated. Couldn't get an ultrasound done that day, had to schedule it a month later.

    A week later (or maybe a few days?) I get a call to tell me my papsmear came back abnormal, the lady tells me it is probably nothing, that papsmears come back abnormal all the time and as long as they are looked at and kept on top of usually they go away and sometimes go away on their own. Of course, the lady didn't know my history, just my papsmear results. I had to schedule a biopsy which I couldn't do the day before or the day of my ultrasound because they were afraid it may interfere with the ultrasound so it's a week after that.

    Here I am, a week away from my ultrasound, 2 weeks from my biopsy and I'm scared.... I'm really, really scared. My last papsmear, from years ago was abnormal so obviously it didn't "solve itself on its own" and here I am now experiencing on and off pain. A week ago I started my more recent period 5 days early and it was so light (where I normally have heavy heavy periods) and it only lasted 2 days. My body is all over the place with being abnormal. I really don't know what to think or how to feel about this situation. I'm scared of what the results will be, and I keep imagining the worst. I don't know if I'm overreacting, but I just keep thinking that... that's at least 8 years of my cervix having abnormal cells and what that could possibly mean for me now, especially with the pain. It's not as bad as it was a month ago, but it's still there. It comes and goes and ibuprofen and aleve extra strength (what I ended up getting prescribed) hasn't done anything to help the pain at all.

    Has anyone been through this? Any ideas or suggestions? What should I expect?

    I really have no real support here other than the "papsmears come back normal all the time" which honestly doesn't make me feel better because those are from women who have yearly papsmears done and haven't had an untreated one for at least 8 years.

  • Just to say i (someone) did read ur post, but i havent experienced what u wrote about. I only had 2 pap smears as far as i know, not much of women tests on urine, or breasts either. Wish i could help, but can only reassure someone's reading ur questions and wishing we had some answers=). Let us know any progress, and if we can help other ways...?


    • I had the ultrasound and that only showed a small cyst. Since I was about to ovulate she didn't worry too much about it.

      I had my colposcopy last week and a piece of my cervix was taken for biopsy along with some scrapping of party of my cervix that she couldn't see well. I'm still waiting on the results. I'm unsure how to feel, I think she's been saying things to make me feel better cause 2 weeks ago she told me my abnormal pap was only low grade and probably wouldn't have to biopsy but then last week before the colposcopy she said it was high grade. ... now she's saying she thinks it's probably nothing and so now I'm wondering if she really thinks it might be something and was saying that to make me worry less?

      Anyways, that's about all the updates I really have. I've been really sore after the colposcopy, and my period again is early (6 days this time) so I don't know what my body is doing.



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