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Vaginal odors that smell like ammonia or vinegar...leading me to thoughts of suicide?

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  • Vaginal odors that smell like ammonia or vinegar...leading me to thoughts of suicide?

    ive been dealing with a very strong odor from my vagina since i was 15. at first it came very very strong. like if you were 5 feet away from me you could still smell it. since then it has calmed a bit but its still so strong. if i sit "Indian style" i can smell it and sometimes so can others. my urine has a strong smell to it like ammonia and people say they can smell it after i use the bathroom or change my clothes and leave a room. i have a thick-ish discharge and alot of it. also when i wear black underwear my discharge will BLEACH the underwear almost white. ive been to the obgyn many times and EACH TIME i either get meds for a bladder infection or uti and they DO NOT HELP. they test me for yeast\bv and i dont come back with anything like that (even though that seems like this could be like that...) i am a virgin (never even kissed anybody) so i know its not stds. recently ive noticed that some of my sweat (like around my boobs or around my feet) smells strong of vinegar. the smell it pretty consistent. im almost 18 and ive researched this so many times it makes me depressed. about how some women will deal with this for decades and their husbands wont touch them. its gotten to the point where ive had thoughts of suicide because no one seems to have answers for me and when i ask questions i feel like people just shrug their shoulders. i feel like im going to be alone all my life and have this forever. (i have a strong history of anxiety and depression btw) i just dont know what to do??

  • One thing I can suggest is that you look at your diet. You may have an intolerance to certain foods that manifests itself in the manner you describe. Start my eliminating dairy foods for two week, see if you notice a change. If no change try eliminating yeast, then red meats, then fish etc. Try eliminating strong spices, the curries or chili peppers. While you are cycling through the various foods in two week intervals, drink lots of water to help flush things through your system. Stay off of soda pop, wine or alcohol.

    It is not normal to have such a strong urine smell. The uterine discharge could be BV and your doctor can treat that with drugs. It may take some time to get everything under control but you can start now.
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    • I think Claret's suggestions are great. Just drinking plenty of water should dilute the smell of both your vaginal discharge and your sweat.

      While it's normal to feel upset that your body isn't acting the way you want, you should probably speak with a mental health professional concerning your thoughts of suicide. Starting treatment for your anxiety and depression (or adjusting any current treatments) could really help your quality of life.
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      • I think you need to take some herbal nutrients for this problem. My friend also have same problem and she told me about it. She was so depressed like you and after sometime someone suggest her vagifirm herbal pills (vaginal-tightening-pills dot com). It is natural herbal product. After sometime she feel better with this and she took this regular. You are also need to take care about your dieting, eat water based meals, drinking water regular and use vaginal cleansing regular.
        Hope this will help you..
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        • SF, i peeked through a medical site and found some possible causes, but am putting here options/remedies.
          Treatments for the Ammonia Smell

          The treatment options for getting rid of the ammonia smell in urine is dependent upon the cause
          • An easy first treatment is to increase daily water intake to approximately 10 to 12 cups of water, in order to dilute the urine.
          • Alternatively, if your diet is the cause of the ammonia smell in your urine then dietary changes may be necessary to treat the condition. It may take a few days for changes to your diet.
          • If medications, vitamins, or nutritional supplements are causing the ammonia smell in your urine, you should consider not taking them if they are not medically necessary as well as increasing your intake of water.
          • If these changes fail to remedy the condition within a few days you should seek medical attention.



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