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Group b strep (gbs)

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  • Group b strep (gbs)

    Hello all,

    first let me apologise if this is in the complete wrong section of this website! If it is, please direct me and I'll re send!

    I will start with an insight about myself. I'm 24, never had children, am sexually active with a partner of 3 years and have only ever had sex with long term boyfriends. (4 in total). I had my very first period at the age of 15 and to this day I have never ever been regular. I have been on the pill the whole time as the doctors said it would regulate them and of course because I was sexually active. Even being on the pill hasn't regulated them. I could be half way through a packet of pills and baaammmm I was come on!! Or if I were to on the off chance make it a whole pack without a period I would then not come on for weeks and weeks, sometimes even months would pass. You get the jist - very irregular and the doctors put this down to being underweight and being stressed. I am a slim girl but I am not underweight and if I have been at one point it would be very slightly underweight and only for a short amount of time. This doesn't really explain why I have never had regular periods.

    I have also gone to the doctors for other reasons which. I am unsure are related for example chronic fatigue, ridiculous bloating and I also pass out more often than others for some unknown reason. I've had MRI scan and nothing came of it. I also have a degenerative disc desease in my lower back.

    At at the age of 19 I went to the docs for symptoms such as vaginal itching, soreness and general discomfort. They said it would be thrush and gave me cream, pessaries and a pill. As far as I remember it took a long time for it to go but eventually it did.

    2 years ago I got these symptoms again. I went to the docs and without testing me they said thrush again. This time no amount of cream etc would get rid of it. It was there for weeks and the doctors were having none of it. Just said to keep using the cream. Eventually it calmed down but came back a few weeks later. I went to the docs again and they said I have re occurring thrush. It was horrible and the only thing that I felt got rid of it for the longest was putting natural live Yoghurt down there!! i just ended up doing that each time I got it.

    Now back to the irregular periods. These never used to be heavy or particularly a problem, they were just frustrating as I was never prepared. After the thrush started to not be quite so frequent I started to have such bad periods to the point of never having a break. I was on my period for 3 months and it was heavy! The doctors( a new docs because my old one had retired) gave me utovlan which stops bleeding and you take it for 10 days. After the 10 days I carried on bleeding. They ended up taking swabs from me (first time ever) and the tests came back showing I had a serious group B Strep infection. The doctor said it was so rife that it had become invasive and that I most probably didn't have thrush at all! She gave me antibiotics to clear it but I don't feel like it has. this was 6 months ago and my periods are still iregular. I feel let down by my docs for not detecting this sooner. I feel this could be the fault of a lot of problems I have.

    In 2015 I had 3 chemical Pregnancies and had 2 last year. I feel sure it's connected to GBS but studies have found no evidence.

    can anyone shed some light?


  • Welcome to WH, Mrwalters! Are you anemic? A three month long period could make it hard to maintain vitamins and minerals in your body. Anemia can cause fatigue.
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    • I have a notion that the period irregularities and the strep b issues mimicking yeast infection are two separate issues, but of course, I could be wrong.

      Group B Strep CAN cause infections, similar to yeast infections, but much worse. The strep is part of the natural flora in your vagina now, and when you're stressed out more so than usual it can cause that bacteria to multiply. Thank goodness you now know what is causing the infections. I would focus on creating a balance in my PH as much as possible (probiotics, ridding of any scented detergents or fabric softeners, no scented soaps, breathable undies, etc).

      As for the irregular periods, I think jns has a valid question. If you've not had your iron tested, your b12, your vitamin d, now would be a good time. Nutrient deficiencies can do all sorts of crazy to our bodies. Are you extra pale skinned? Do you feel often cold? Do you crave things like munching on ice? Are your gums and fingernail beds pink or pale?

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      • have you had a full medical work up, aside from the gynecologist? I'm not sure the time line for the fainting and anemia, MRI, etc. but you have some real indication of several body systems being out of balance. You need a complete evaluation with a physician that can put the pieces together, hopefully.

        Are you still on the pill?


        • Hi all, thank you getting back to me.

          Ive missed a lot out of my original post would you believe! From a very young age I had been anaemic and also had B12 deficiency. However I actually turned to a plant Based diet last January and since my iron levels a really good as are my B12 levels. It's frustrating as I really take care of my body and always have done, especially now of course as I do eat a whole foods diet. I find doctors brush me off quite a lot for just over worrying and over thinking but I have come to know my body quite well and I know when things are not 100%. I wouldn't know where to go apart from a doctor to get a full test, could anyone suggest anything? I thought about going to the doctors this week to say I don't believe the GBS has cleared up but they make me feel silly!

          Thanks again for your help!


          • Sorry, yes I am currently on the pill but planning to stop taking this as I would like to try for a baby again.


            • The MRI was in 2015. The fainting doesn't appear to have any relation the my periods. I can't see a pattern. It's just random.


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