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  • Cysts?

    Hi Everyone -
    I joined here just so I'd have a place to ask some other women some questions before (potentially) seeing a doctor. Before you say it, I know I should go to the doctor, but being a mom and working full time I don't have the time right now to do it so I'm hoping to run this by you guys first to maybe ease my concerns

    Since I was probably 22ish (I'm 33 now), I've had a bartholin's cyst about the size of a marble. It's never hurt, never caused any real issues. I've always mentioned it to doctors and nobody has ever seemed concerned about it, but I'm looking for some home remedies. It just bothers me that its there, even though there's never been pain. I just want it to go away. Any ideas?

    Secondly, within the past week I've noticed another small cyst (smaller than a pea, maybe pea sized) on my labia minora. I've squeezed it and nothing happens (I have a low pain threshold though, so I didn't squeeze hard hah!). It doesn't cause me pain, its slightly itchy and I only notice that its there when I'm finishing up in the restroom. I'm guessing its another cyst. I've had one before in that general area (not the exact same place) and it went away after a while, but wondering if there are home remedies out there that might help it go away. Again, I know I should see a doctor but in the meantime... ? I take baths usually once per day, so that won't really help since its part of my normal routine. I've read about apple cider vinegar (ouch) and onions, but want to hear real people tell me it might work before I try it.

    Any suggestions you have are greatly appreciated

  • You could try a 1% cortisone cream available from the pharmacy. Soaking in a bath with believe it or not, 1/4 cup of borax can be very soothing on the skin. It sounds as if you may have a hair follicle or tiny cyst. If it is a cyst, try not to do anything unless it comes to a head and then you could express it. Again warm baths or a warm cloth may help.
    That which we forget may as well never really happened.


    • Thank you so much! I will give both of those a try


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