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  • detergent allergy

    hey friends!
    my friend has detergent allergy. what is she supposed to do other than just wearing gloves?
    thanks in advance

  • Depends on what she is allergic to. The scents? Some chemical ingredient? If she is using a powder it could be a filler such as ground corn cob. I can only use scent and dye free liquid.
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    • I am illergic too! My mom has tryed many things. All failed. I just have to live with bumps on all the areas i wear clothing.


      • Thankfully, I have virtually no allergies. But it is very important to use skin sensitive products and eco cleaners. I had to stop using Flash Bathroom because my hands ended up with dermatitis. Now I use a Method bathroom cleaner and my hands are clear. I also use non bio washing detergent. Biological detergent gives me a rash. Anyhow, everyone has their own allergies and should certainly consider eco products: both cleaning and toiletry.


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