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Celiac Disease? Gluten? What?

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  • Celiac Disease? Gluten? What?

    Honey, it's okay. We will help you.

    Celiac Disease
    A chronic nutritional disturbance, usually of young children, caused by the inability to metabolize gluten, which results in malnutrition, a distended abdomen, muscle wasting, and the passage of stools having a high fat content. The disorder can be controlled by a special diet that emphasizes the elimination of all foods containing gluten. (The free dictionary).

    gluten is found in wheat barley and rye.
    :cool: bye.

  • poor diet and living conditions affecting in the cure of my chronic disease? WHAT TO DO?


    • Not quite sure of the question here put just wanna give you guys out there some input.

      I have been tested for coeliac disease and i dont have it but i do however have a gluten intolerance. I really have no idea what the differences are but the bottom line if that when i eat gluten it doesnt kill the villi in my intestines but it really doesnt agree with me. If i do eat gluten I break out in a itchy rash all over my lower stomach and back and upper arms, i get really painful stomach cramps and bowel symptoms also and apparently gluten intolerance unlike coeliac disease can affect mood and temperament and also sometimes sleep patterns - all of which I have had problems with


      • I'm not sure what the question is here either, but I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 4 years ago. The Dr's figure it onset a few years prior. I was plagues with bouts of diarrhea and constipation. Occasionally, I would get so sick that I would vomit. Because the villi in my intestine were damages from the gluten, I couldn't absorb any nutrients. That also caused bouts of dehydration. It also compromised my immune system and left me vulnerable for many viruses and bacteria. The Dr's told me anything can trigger the onset. I was 26 when I was actually finally diagnosed. There are SEVERAL symptoms that range from person to person. I tend to get mouth cankers sores, diarrhea, and sever stomach pains when I eat it now. Some people get skin irritations. However, I have a friend that was just diagnosed because the Dr. couldn't determine why she was iron deficient. She has never had any physical symptoms to her knowledge. It is also hereditary and her two children have it as well. They too have no symptoms that they are aware of. It's getting easier to eat Gluten Free and has made a huge difference in my life.


        • I'm just curious... those of you that have been tested for celiac disease.... what did the testing consist of? The reason that I ask is because I provide daycare to a 18 month old little girl and her Mom believes that she may be lactose intolerant. After doing a little bit of research I discovered it could be either that or celiac disease. The Mom has taken her daughter to the doctor and mentioned it everytime but the doctor just kinda blows her off and says "all babies spit up" but it goes much deeper than that. She has diarehha just about daily, she spits up still at a year and a half, sometimes when she poops it's so acidic that it burns her skin and causes an instant rash/redness. She isn't sitting in a dirty diaper at all, after she poops you can tell it hurts her and she gets changed immediately. She is constantly thirsty (which I attribute to being dehydrated from the diarehha) and when she wakes up in the morning and after nap her diaper is completely filled with urine that it leaks. I am also wondering if she may be diabetic??? I am just curious as to the proceedure for testing for these things because she is so young, if anyone knows please give me info. Thanks.


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