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Histaminosis/Histamine Intolerance: make up, food, alcohol pseudo-allergy

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  • Histaminosis/Histamine Intolerance: make up, food, alcohol pseudo-allergy

    Hi everyone,

    So I posted my story in the intro thread. But here it is in a nutshell from my blog:

    "After suffering baffling, debilitating symptoms for over 30 years, and being misdiagnosed with illnesses ranging from Breast Cancer to Bipolar Depression, Biogenic Amine Woman finds herself face to face with Histaminosis (Histamine Intolerance). Join her as she explores the Biogenic Amine landscape in search of a normal life! Expect recipes, tips on surviving restaurants, transatlantic travel, and well meaning friends and family."

    Histaminosis, also known as Histamine Intolerance, causes allergy like symptoms. I do also have two true allergies. You can run a google search for more info and I'm happy to answer any questions regarding my own experience but I absolutely don't give medical advice. Sorry it's just too much of a serious issue!

    I don't tolerate many cosmetics, bath products or chemicals. So I'm very into natural products which bother me a lot less.

    I know we're not allowed to post links so you can check out the blog in my profile. It has more on my 30 year quest for diagnosis, low histamine recipes, and tips on surviving in what I call "the age of intolerance" Recent posts include low histamine blueberry banana almond butter "yoghurt," my two top histamine friendly sunscreens, and how to make fake halloween blood at home! I'm about to go raw again for a couple of weeks so I'll be posting some recipes on that too.

    I really suffered for 30 years, since childhood. I've had a couple of people stumble onto the blog and they gave me the idea of posting the story in case it helps anyone out there. I wouldn't wish my experience on anybody!

  • Has the doctor diagnosed you with histaminosis? And have you gone in to see a nutritionist yet?
    There are those who believe that dictionaries should not merely reflect the times but also protect English from the mindless assaults of the trendy.


    • Interesting. Very interesting.


      • Hi there,

        I'm not a big fan of nutritionists but I have been diagnosed with Histaminosis by a leading specialist in the field. I have low dao and high histamine. Classic case apparently. I'm a very healthy eater, always have been, so I use a calorie/nutrition program (software) to make sure I'm getting all my nutrients. When I went to see the doc the first time we did a very comprehensive vit/mineral panel and I came back within normal range for everything but ferretin (low fe runs in the family).

        My doc is a bit of a gem. He doesn't believe in medication unless absolutely necessary and he tries to work with people as much as possible so they don't totally cut a food out of their diet. I eat most foods at least once in a while and I rotate all foods because my immune system has the habit of freaking out if I eat the same thing three days in a row. I'm on a medical trial for a synthetic dao replacement and that seems to be helping a lot. I take Quercetin a couple of times a day as needed (as an antihistamine) and I drink freshly squeezed lime or lemon juice when my levels are up (Vit C is a very strong antihistamine). I take an otc antihistamine when I have a very bad reaction.

        The only things I've totally cut out of my diet are packaged and canned foods, any pre-cooked foods of any kind, chemicals where ever possible (nothing with E numbers or dye), and alcohol. OOh and oysters. But I will try them again one day hopefully when I stabilise. I was sad to see alcohol go but I'd really rather just eat that histamine allotment rather than drink it! Like I said though, I've been a super healthy eater for most of my life, even flirting with raw foods a lot and veganism, but always tried to keep a bit of everything but the unnatural stuff in there. This is a very cool forum, I'm still checking everything out!
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        • The other really interesting thing about this condition, and all involving histamine, is the mental health aspect. My doc told me (and he's working on a book about it) that histamine receptor 4 (only recently identified) affects mood, cancer progression, libido, and weight! I was sooooooo overweight when I was really ill. And then once I realised food was somehow involved, I lost 25 kgs trying to work out what it was on my own! If it wasn't for a book called eat to live, I might have died of malnutrition. It teaches you the basics of nutrition and how to get maximum nutrients without eating a ton of stuff you don't need like oils - eat nuts/seeds to get the fat, essential acids, and nutrition still intact instead of drenching your guts in oil, omega fatty acids - you can get them from where the salmon does - the algae, and not to eat soy which can mess with your hormones and is sometimes highly synthetic. My weight is now very stable and I'm not skinny or fat.

          My doc says that many of his patients thought they were mentally unstable. The key in my case was that I deteriorated on medication for anxiety and depression. I started with simple depression and was prescribed antidepressants that made me manic. I was then told I was bipolar and given tranquilisers, mood stabilisers (inc lithium). Then I was told I had borderline personality disorder when the sleeping pills they gave me kicked off episodes of self harm (which magically ended after stopping the hateful pills), and so on till I did 14 medications and lost 8 years of my life. One day I just had enough and decided to withdraw myself from 4 medications on my own. I found a withdrawal protocol and found a sympathetic psychologist who helped me through it with talk therapy. I couldn't do it with a psychiatrist because as soon as they saw bipolar in my history they refused to take responsibility unless I submitted to a facility to be withdrawn using other very strong drugs!

          How odd I thought! I felt immediately better 2 weeks after stopping all of them but continued to suffer from unexplained anger flare ups and feeling of mild mania at times. Mania is a bad way to describe it. more like very nervous energy and being unable to sit still. Very productive and not at all harmful but I couldn't understand why it happened.

          These issues 100% resolved upon starting my low histamine diet. It took about 5 days and I felt like a different person. Now I know I'll get manic if I eat pineapple, or get insanely chatty if I eat chocolate, or run around like a headless chicken when I'm overloaded. I know it sounds totally off the wall, but it's totally true! I met a few of his other patients who I had chatted with online and we all have similar stories.


          • If you are considering reading more into research material to better understand why this condition works the way it does, general research, genetic components..etc I would suggest NCBI or PubMed journal websites. I use it for all of my lab work research, and general info gathering.
            There are those who believe that dictionaries should not merely reflect the times but also protect English from the mindless assaults of the trendy.


            • Thanks for the suggestion!

              I do a lot of research myself, that's how I came up with the diagnosis. I still do some research but to be honest I really want to get on with my life. I wanted to post in this forum in case anyone out there might have it. Given that it's quite rare, maybe not, it's worth a shot. I stumbled onto the condition in a forum too...I'm not advocating self diagnosis - I went straight to the doc - but it's good to research and stay informed. I have a doctor friend who has access to the medical journals and she sends stuff over that would interest me. A lot of the journals are written in language that I have a hard time understanding. I just started up a business and am working 14 hour days (thank goodness I'm now actually able to!) but hope to have more time for research. In the meantime though my doc said he's thinking of doing a news letter to keep everyone updated on new research out there.


              • Journals can certainly be difficult to read without at least some background information into the jargon. I am a science student so that is basically the only material I ever read lol. But I applaud you for actually using real research from journals and such when looking for information, a lot of people seem to think that blogs and 'anti-science' anecdotes trump everything which in itself can make their situation worse due to very very low reliability of data (if data is presented at all o.0).
                There are those who believe that dictionaries should not merely reflect the times but also protect English from the mindless assaults of the trendy.


                • Absolutely! We're in complete agreement there. I would love to understand more but it took me hours to work out what an H4 receptor antagonist was! lol it was driving me mad.


                  • An H4 antagonist? A substance, drug or ligand (often a hormone or neurotransmitter) that when bound to the H4 receptor "turns off/inhibits" its activity. An agonist does the opposite, when bound to the H4 receptor it "turns on" and causes the release of histamine. That is about the only easy thing about histamine.
                    There are those who believe that dictionaries should not merely reflect the times but also protect English from the mindless assaults of the trendy.


                    • Thanks!


                      • Hello,

                        My name is yasmeen, i was recently diagnosed with histamine intolerance and i was told that make ups, sunblocks, and many other creams contains histamine.
                        So do you have an idea which brands might not contain histamine?


                        Yasmeen Hamdan


                        • As a newly discovered histamine intolerant person I've found this thread quite interesting. Been reading around a lot on the internet and found this site (outbound link removed) which actually warns against using vitamin C to lower histamine, I'm going to contact the person for a bit more information, but it can't hurt that much right? and it does seem to help, atleast in the short term.
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                          • I found this list of histamine producing bacteria to avoid. I had to stop taking my probiotics because it turns out the bacteria in my probiotics was increasing my histamine levels and making my symptoms worse!! I switched to the histamine-safe probiotics which helped a lot. Check your probiotics!! Make sure they don’t have any of these bacteria!!
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