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Itchy Bumps and I am going crazy

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  • Itchy Bumps and I am going crazy

    Hello, I am a 45 year old woman, for the past 11 months I have been suffering with itchy bumps. They started on my lower face (chin, neck). At first I tried to eliminate perfume and cosmetics etc...
    I still kept on getting them. The first doctor told me to take a antihistamine for a week. I did this it helped but started right back the same after the week was over. The second doctor said it looked like bites. I did a flea bath on my dog and did a scabies treatment on myself. I have scoured my house and I check my bed everyday and there are not signs of bed bugs either. I went to the dermatologist who told me I had hives and I was allergic to something. He advised to take antihistamines for a few months and slowly wean off of them. I did this,,,as soon as I stopped they came back. I now have them on my chest and back and face and hairline in the nape of the neck.
    Some are really itchy some are not. No one else in the house has any of the symptoms I do. I would think by now if I had bed bugs it would be evident and they would have multiplied to the point that I would see evidence of them.
    As I said I am 45 and experiencing symptoms of menopause mostly nightsweats. Not sure if this could be a cause. I am simply going nuts. My husband thinks I am crazy always looking for bugs..but I just cannot take it anymore. They do pop out in groups of 2 or three which is also a sign onf bed bugs. I just do not know what to think anymore.


  • Hey there! I had a really horrible chigger bites especilly over summer if I come in to contact with grass I get em all over my legs and would get super itchy especially at night. And I found out that taking benedryl helps cause I was more allergic to it than others. here is WEB Md slideshow pictures showing veriety of bug bites and what bumps is what. hopefully this help you figure out your unsure bugbites/ bumps . and maybe talk to the doctor about it. I'd go to a skin doctor for it. if you haven't already.

    Good luck!! hope it goes a way soon!! ( hate itchiness and bugs!)

    <3 Em
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    • Hi there! I'd just like to ask whether or not you've changed your diet at all? A few months ago i broke out in a pretty serious rash all over my lower stomach and upper arms and then it spread to my back. After research and docs input I just had a hunch it could be a gluten allergy and since then I'v cut out all major sources and it hasnt come back. I'm only 18 though so the sudden onset wasnt that unusual but I have read in a lot of instances stress or any other type of lifestyle changes can trigger food intolerances that were before barely noticeable. I also have asthma and when I am affected by it I get a rash all over my neck but by the sounds of it i highly doubt thats you're problem -- im sure you'd know by now :P

      Also what type of antihistamines were they? prescription or just over counter ... because if they are just over the counter and affordable it sounds like its worth just staying of them and then say if you are away on hols or staying somewhere new go off them and see if you still get the rash, at least this way you will have an idea whether the cause is environmental or not.

      Do you have another other symptoms at all? For example did you start a new medication or new brand or medication before the rash appeared? Have you had any stomach cramps, nausea or bowel symptoms? Or nasal problems and the fact that the antihistamines helped a lot may mean you might be allergic to a new plant thats popped up around your house or possibly dust mites.

      Hope I could help


      • I'm going crazy with hives too

        Hi Wendy, I am also experiencing the same and I have never had any rashes or allergies to anything - ever. I'm 50yrs young (turning 51 in Oct) and in the last three months, when I started to experience some hot flushes, an itchy rash started on my neck and chest and is now on my legs, arms, torso & back.

        It's gotten so bad that I wake up in the morning with bruises on my thighs & hips from my scratching and my skin is raw and sometimes bleeding. Antihistamines aren't helping much. I was starting to wonder if it had anything to do with being menopausal too.

        I was tested for 28 allergies and the only one I was positive to was dust mites. I've now purchased a new mattress and a dust mite mattress-protector. New pillows & sheets and now about to rip up the carpet for floorboards but nothing has changed in regard to this itchy rash.

        My skin specialist told me it's hives and yesterday I had some urine & blood tests done yesterday to see if it I have some 'hidden' disease/allergy. Results back in 3 days.

        I read recently that a woman was battling facial and neck hives for over a year, and an allergist found the cause was high levels of thyroid peroxidase antibodies. I hope that was checked in one of the blood tests done yesterday and if not I will definitely be mentioning that to my specialist.

        I'll keep you posted.



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