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Bad Allergies

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  • Bad Allergies

    Ok my boyfriend has just started working with my dad as a carpenter and his allergys are acting up like crazy. he takes allergy medicine but it doesnt work. he cant sleep becuase he says his nose hurts. he blows it constently. he says it feels like someone punched him in the face a whole bunch of times. and his eyes feel like sandpaper. idk how to help him he heard about a shot for allergys u think it would help him out more? if so do u know how much onw costs? cuz idk anything abou it . i dont have allergies. i just want to help him. hes miserable
    ~White Rose~

  • They started acting up once his carpentry work started? What precisely is he allergic to? He may have to find a different job to be honest, if carpentry is causing him so much discomfort. I'm allergic to cats and hence could never work as a vet... ya know?

    He should also consider consulting with a doctor if he hasn't already. It may be a case of trying out various types of allergy medicine before finding the right one.


    • A. Go to your local big box retailer like Lowe's or Home Depot and buy him some inexpensive dust masks (they're white with an elastic band and a metal strip across the nose) and have him wear one during the day. They will help him maintain clear breathing. His face may get "hot" or even sweat underneath the mask but it beats being miserable.

      B. Go to a doscounter like W*****-Mar** and buy a bottle of Equate brand Chlor Tabs. Equate is their store brand and Chlor Tabs is their name for Chlorphenramine Maleate which is a proven and inexpensive antihistamine. The only "problem" with them is that you have to take them more often, like every four hours, instead of the once per day like so many other "popular" antihistamines (Claritin, Zyrtec, Allegra).

      I like Chlor Tabs because they're inexpensive, don't stay in your system for too long, do the job well (help with itchy watery eyes and other allergies like you are describing) and have been proven to work over many many years.

      Benadryl or it's generic equivalent/store brand is another good one but it makes a lot of people sleepy too. Which can be a huge draw back.

      If the Chlor Tabs don't give him any relief then you're only out $3 - $5 for the entire bottle vs $10 - $15 for the others.

      One more thing to try is a Neti - Pot. Available at CVS, Walgreens, etc. Follow the directions on how to use it and do theat every night and every morning to literally rinse out his sinuses. Never rinse out sinuses with just plain water...it can really irritate them. Always add a little table salt (1/2 teaspoon per Neti-Pot full of water, sitr to mix well). You don't need the fancy packets of stuff...salt works fine.

      Good luck.


      • I don't know about the cost with the allergy shot... but my husband tried to get them years ago.. he tried everything else.. over the counter... prescription strength... nose sprays... neti pot... none of it worked for him... and he's allergic to pretty much anything that pollinates. The allergy shots started out twice a week for.. he said the first few months I think... after that he went twice a month(it takes time for it to build up in your system and I believe eventually you are supposed to be able to go every few months for a shot)... read somewhere its pretty effective and works about 90% of the time... he gave up on it after two years of getting the shots and it not working for him. The one time he had relief they gave him a seasonal shot... which actually he didn't have any problems for 3 years... but it is a steroid so not good for using consistently long term.

        Not saying it won't work... but you do have to see a doc a lot at first.. and you are paying for both the serum and the injection each time you go. Not to mention they will probably want to do a scratch test on him to find out what allergies he has... so it MAY be fairly pricy... maybe he could call his general practitioner and find out about the process and the costs involved?


        • I know the best way to rid off allergy! It's simple and natural. You need drink no more than 3 times/day this:
          1 glass of water + 1 tbl spoon honey + 1 tbl spoon APPLE vinegar.
          Remember, no more than 3 times/day! You'll see that allergy disappeared. Sometimes for ever. My daughter had allergy, so I know that it works.


          • Your husband can go to the doctor and they can do allergy testing to find out specifically what exactly he's allergic to (or most allergic to) you said he's a carpenter could it be something that they treat the wood with or something that he is using when he is working? Then again, saw dust has got to wreak havoc on allergies. Has he tried wearing a mask so he doesn't inhale any of the saw dust etc...? My suggestion would to be set up an appt. and have allergy testing done and see about the best course of treatment for what he's allergic to. It may be changing his current allergy medicine or adding shots in addition to the medication. With all the stuff to treat allergies on the market these days, don't let him continue to suffer see a doctor and see if there is something that can relieve some of his discomfort.


            • I have severe allergies... and 1/8 cup of apple cider vinegar in 16 ounces of water. You can sip it throughout the day or just hold your nose and down it. Most of the time this works for me the first day, but occassionally I have to take it for 2-3 days, but it has never disappointed me. Hope this helps.


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