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  • Singulair

    Ive been taking singulair for amlost a year now. It seems to work, (mostly for asthma but also for alleergies) but I get weird reactions to things.
    One, In stead of getting asthma, like how it constricts your lungs/throat, it feels like I get the same symptoms but my throat/lungs arnt being constricted. It feels like im still huffing and puffing, but its not tight. My thoat is just open...This is hard to explain lol. Its weird
    And two, Im not sure if this is related or not, but im getting weird rashes. Mostly on my face and neck. I get red blotches and they itch/burn. Ive never had them before thats why im associating them with the singulair.

    Has anyone had these symptoms aswell?

  • Check their web site. Call your prescribing physician. Lots of people get the first symptom you have described. I can't speak about the rash and itchiness. The first and best place to be discussing your concerns is with your physician. Singulair may not be the right drug for you. Remember that the practice of medicine is a sience and not an art. Your physician can't help you, to the best of their ability, unless you are completely honest with them and share your/any concern you may have.


    • Okay thanks, Ill check out their site and talk to my dr once I get an appointment


      • Meds and the way they are received by our bodies can change over time. So what started out as a good med. may not be the "best" med. for your treatment now. Or, there is a good possibility that it is just coincidence and the symptoms you have described have to do with something else.


        • Good point Seeker. Ill have to talk to my Dr.

          Does anyone know any other meds I can take for asthma/allergies.
          I have the blue puffer (ventalin (spelling?))
          And I was given the orange one (with steroids in it) but I really dont want to take that one. thats why I got the singuair.


          • There are a ton of different "inhalers" that can be prescribed to control your symptoms. There are a few tablet type meds. too. In addition, there are shots, nasal sprays, antihistamines of all kinds, both OTC and by prescription. Honestly, the "best" possible person to advise you will be either your primary care physician, allergy/asthma specialist (if you have one) or a pulmunologist (if you have one).

            Allergies/asthma are just too symptom specific to each individual that suffers with them for a general help forum like this one.

            Like so many other issues, open/honest communication with your care provider(s) about your allergy/asthma symptoms is probably as good as it's going to get.

            Be brief, be blunt/direct, be willing (to do, accept, take what they say as sound advice).


            • Singulair

              Hi there,asthma and allergy directly related,perhaps the rash and blotchiness could be a form of eczema,show it to your dermatologist so you know exactly what it is...just to suggest finding out what are your allergies is a big step forward to long term releif.I was once an asthma sufferer but now outgrown it..dust,animal fluff and some preservative like tartrazine might aggravate it so maybe find out the cause.from what I have read corticosteroids long term are not very good for our bodies....see your physician soon so that you can be sure of all your concerns..best wishes..hope this was beneficial to you


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