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I seem to have a reaction to all Fruits but unsure

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  • I seem to have a reaction to all Fruits but unsure

    I am allergic to Latex and I am allergic to all the food allergies linked to Latex but I also seem to have a reaction to nearly every other fruit I eat, but I am not sure if its an allergy or the amount of acids in the fruits. I get the itchy burning sensation on the roof of my mouth and thoat and my lips with them all. Also if it an allergy does anyone now where else I can get the vitamins I need other than taking vitamin suppliments??

  • Have you tried fruit that's local (no pesticides)? It may be a reaction to something other than the fruit itself. I think it'd be odd to be allergic to **all** fruits, although being allergic to a specific one wouldn't be unusual.


    • You will need to see a specialist to confirm an allergy such as "all fruits". Apples and strawberries are common fruit allergies but all fruits seems a bit much. See your GP and then get a referral to an allergist if the GP cannot do the tests themselves.
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      • I agree with IAS. The only way to empower yourself and know how to truly handle your diet and lifestyle is to get yourself allergy testing. I had it done and it has changed so much. I thought I was allergic to dust. Turns out I'm not allergic to dust mites at all, but to mold and DOGS! I live with a dog, sleep with one every night, and never had any idea I was allergic. I couldn't figure out why I was sick all the time and I was treating myself in all the wrong ways. Once I learned my true allergies, I started taking medications that were much better suited for my allergies and now **knock on wood** I'm rarely ever ill.

        Get yourself tested.
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