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two allergic reactions in one week????

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  • two allergic reactions in one week????

    okay im so confused, i was eating a skinny cow chocolate truffle ice cream bar Monday night and after i finished my throat felt itchy and my ears felt itchy, then i felt like i had something in my throat. my neck gets swollen itchy and red, and its scaring me i feel like i am close to struggling for breath. i take 50 mg of benidryl and it gets better. i look down my throat and have what looks like blisters an a few red line, also white patches.... and little bumps. i go to bed wake up 100% better. decided never to eat skinny cow again. bc ive also had a sick stomach lately and i figured it was probably the skinny cow as well.

    so today i wake up and eat a natures valley peanut and almond dark chocolate granola bar and same thing, minus the throat swelling. but my neck and throat and ears got hot and itchy and i got the lumps and bumps in my throat... took 25mg benidryl and feel better????? what is this?????

  • Maybe you're allergic to chocolate? Have you ever had a sudden reaction like this before?
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    • Compare the ingredients in the two and see what they have in common. Keep track of when it happens. There may be something in both that you are allergic to, or wouldn't expect to find in them (I have issues with coconut, a friend has problems with kelp). You can also speak to your doctor and see if they can do any tests to see what you might be allergic to.


      • [QUOTE=
        so today i wake up and eat a natures valley peanut and almond dark chocolate granola bar and same thing, minus the throat swelling. but my neck and throat and ears got hot and itchy and i got the lumps and bumps in my throat... took 25mg benidryl and feel better????? what is this?????[/QUOTE]

        Be careful- it could be a peanut allergy - and that can be fatal.
        Get some MSM tablets. These will lessen your allergic reactions substantially. And they are a natural compound.


        • When comparing the two I found some similar ingredients but they are in a lot of foods I have daily... I'm really at a loss bc last night after my shower at 8 pm I started breaking out in a red rash all over. My legs, arms, belly and chest, I literally watched spread. I hadn't eaten anything since 1 pm, so Idk what could have caused it.

          Would MSM work for any allergy?

          Does anyone know if you can develop an allergy after years of not having one?
          I am beginning to worry, what happens next time?

          Oh a theory my mom suspects its my gluten intolerance has developed into celiac, I had experimented with eating it again and did so a few days a week for two or three weeks, I started getting sick to my stomach and quit eating it. My tummy got better with in a few days. And within the same few days with out it I know have had three allergic reactions since Monday. If it were gluten wouldn't I have had the reaction while eating it?

          My other thought is yesterday I had eaten something with soy and soy was in the other two foods as well. I'm just so confused.

          Is there a food allergy test that my doctor can order?
          I'm so scared that my throat is going to close up one day and what am I going to do then?


          • Just took a shower and broke out in a rash again. I used Johnson and Johnson to be safe and again I break out. There goes my soy theory.


            • Does anyone know if you can develop an allergy after years of not having one?
              Yes quite frequently. Talking to your doctor will help you get an allergy test or a referral to an allergy specialist who will go through the process of giving you an allergy test to know which things are affecting you.

              i look down my throat and have what looks like blisters an a few red line, also white patches.... and little bumps
              Those bumps are they white and all over the back of your throat and along the tonsils? And does it hurt to swallow almost like something is lodged in the throat? If so it is possible to have contracted strep throat. Use Google to search images to know what the specific white patches look like. No worries with having strep throat though a doctor simply gives you an antibiotic and it goes away in a few days-however if you do receive an antibiotic it is absolutely imperative to take the whole bottle as directed until it is finished in the 1-2 weeks, failure to do so causes bacteria to become resistant to said antibiotic and then future attempts to rid of bacteria are futile as they are resistant to the antibiotics and will not die nearly as quickly.

              The spreading rash is the thing to watch, my advice would be to get in to see even the simple general doctor. You can get creams to help you or they can give you more professional answers as to what could be causing them.

              Would MSM work for any allergy?
              It is a pseudoscience method. This means it has not undergone serious scientific research to test if it does work or not-research means heavy duty science journal publications. Basically though it is not going to hurt you to use nor should you think it is a "miracle". One cannot rid of an allergy if there is one present all that can happen is lessen the symptoms of the immune reactions. If you are going to buy said product make sure it is from an accredited source like a licensed herbal shop with someone qualified to be selling the drugs and also COMPLETELY avoid online buying as there is a massive health risk with buying something that is likely made out of country and full of false advertising.
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              • I have an appt. On Wednesday. I doubt I have strep I have had it many times before and know what it looks like. My throat doesn't hurt and only looks like I described only when I have the reaction.

                Again this morning after eating breakfast I had another episode, my throat started to get itchy, I felt the hard lump develop and my ears started itching. Took benidryl it went away within 30 mins. I had Bacon eggs and grits. Could this be a more sever form of seasonal allergies and eating is irritating my throat? I'm going to buy cleritan tomorrow and see if there is a change.

                Thanks for all your comments.


                • Yes MSM has been trialled. I have sited a trial on this site before. It does work- I have used it on myself and family members- It does not get rid of allergies it masks the symptoms and without side effects.( The best way to get rid of elergies is to retore your intestinal health)
                  It is formed by plankton and enters the food chain by evaporartion and rainfall. However most fods are overprocessed and have things like Bvitamins and MSM removed.
                  People become defficient and start having health issues.
                  Good luck-


                  • Thank you I will ask the allergist about it.

                    I went to the doctor today, my blood work shows that I'm fighting an allergy and now I'm getting a food allergy test done. He gave me two epipens and I have to take a day time allergy pill every day.
                    I'm glad for the epipen two days ago the attack was pretty bad I was starting to weeze but thankfully the benidryl kicked in!


                    • Milk and egg whites
                      My new food allergy


                      • The strange thing about allergies is you can have them and not realize for a long time, when it reaches your skin it is kind of like the final straw for your body.

                        Sometimes the reactions are so minor that we don't realize it is an allergic reaction so we put it down to something else, like stress, fatigue, a tummy bug etc.

                        Feeling bloated, nausea, tired, moody after you eat are all signs that you are "reacting" to the food you ate.

                        One of the scariest things we have to contend with in this world is how manufactured out food is, we think we are buying good wholesome food when infact we can barely read what is on the label. Even fruits and vegetables can have chemical sprays still on them.

                        Sulphites, I have discovered are a huge issue in our diet, "they" say that there is only so many parts per million with in a given food but considering we may have an entire meal with foods that have them we are eating a lot more than we really should.

                        I would definitely stay on top of looking for similar ingredients with the food that has been eaten but also learn about sulphites and how to find the hidden and undeclared ones, I found this amazing book called "the sulphite connection" and it explained a lot about where to find them so you can avoid consuming them.

                        Good luck


                        • Please let me tell you about my "allergy." Ours may be related!

                          Initially, with certain foods, my tongue would swell, my throat start to close, and the little bumps on my tongue would stand up and scream in pain. My husband suggested Benedryl, and in a few minutes, the swelling would go down. I started carrying Benedryl everywhere I went. As time went on, the bumps on my tongue would stay very sore for days, and my tongue would hurt for days, but the Benebryl helped.

                          Some suggested that it sounded Just Like an alergy to latex. I read the symptoms and it certainly did sound like it, but I was not reacting to latex -- I was rarely around it.

                          Eventually, the Benedryl wasn't helping as much as it did initially, and I would have DAYS of a sore tongue, days of the white doolies standing up and hollering at me, long stretches of a throat swollen nearly closed. Then my tongue started having a white "map" on the surface. I was getting desperate. For much of my work, I must speak, and it hurt like crazy sometimes to talk. Further, because my tongue was swollen, my speech was also slurred at times.

                          I am sure many of you assume that I am a believer --which for some who don't know, I am similar to Christian, but I do not call myself a Christian. Okay. So I prayed. And an idea came to me to buy time-release vitamin B complex. Oddly, if I take one time-release vitamin B complex pill at least every two days, all the symptoms stay away. When I forget, it returns with a vengeance.

                          As time has gone on, I have assumed that I am extremely deficient to the Bs, probably B6 and B12. Further, I have learned of others with this problem, and they have benefitted also by increasing their Bs.

                          This may be something for you to try.
                          It's always disappointing when someone lies to me, then I look down, and their pants aren't on fire.


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